4 Career Advice For way to success In Life

Hello guys, today we are talking about way to success. You should not do some such mistakes in college. So that the problem does not come in your way to success. way to success starts with your college life, so you never have to commit this mistake. If you do not make these mistakes, then you can definitely be successful in life. so lets start…

Career Advice way to success In 2021.

1.Giving more importance to marks

The biggest mistake of Indian society is that, all teachers, parents and everyone tells us that marks are very important in your life.

My opinion is marks do not matter as much as your parents and teachers tell you. Your teachers and parents will constantly tell you that if you will fail in exam, your way to success will be spoiled and if you get less marks then your way to success will be destroyed.

Don’t believe them, just keep in mind don’t fail in exams, passing is important and if you are getting bad marks then also it is ok. Your low score will not ruin your carrier.

Your way to success depends on your intelligence and hard work.

There are two types of intelligence. First one is book smart and another one is street smart.

If you are in medical or technical field and you want to make your way to success in those particular fields then you will have to focus on book smartness.

And rather than medical and technical industries, you should focus on street smartness.

Basically what is street smartness?
So basically street smartness is your communication skills, and analytical thinking.

Analytical thinking is all about to know about your industry, to study about your industry and asking yourself, how to do same work more with less efforts and more efficiently.

Book smartness is also very important in life. When you go for a job meeting for the first time, many companies give jobs to people having a good score because they think that you are getting good marks means you are hardworking and you will do all your work with dedication.

But my opinion is your focus should be street smartness but don’t completely neglect book smartness, you should pass all your exams. And if you have potential then you should score good marks.

2.More participation in college festivals

The four aspects of college festivals are, planning, team work, leadership and multitasking.

According to experts, college festival is the best platform for the students to show their leadership and organisation skills.

4 Career Advice way to success In Life

College festival is the best place where students can learn many new things like how to coordinate, manage, interact and work together as a team.

Continuous involvement in college festivals will reflect the talent, skills or abilities of the students.

Another advantage of college festivals is, the students who are from out of city or state will be able to learn local culture.

Technical fest give students a new platform to show their talent and their innovative idea.

So if you are a student make sure that you should participate in festivals or at least attain all festivals. But participation in fest may help you sometimes later in life.

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3.Not giving importance to passion in college

Most of the people regret in life because they don’t give importance to their passion when they actually should.

So you should give importance to your passion every time.

Life is short and you have just a couple of years with you. You should use these years wisely doing whatever you want. So that you won’t regret for not giving importance to your passion.

Even if you won’t realize it today, you will surely regret for it one day is you leave your passion.

Following your passion will lead to far more success and it will give you happiness rather than any other field.

If you follow your passion, you will never feel exhausted. You will keep on working to get better and better. You will use your every single minute to get better in your passion and finally you will be successful.

So follow your passion if you want to be happy in your life and career.

In short make way to success in the thing you are very passionate about.

4.Looking for jobs in your field only

Look for a job in your field of interest only.

If you work in the field which you love the most then you will do that work with all your potential and that work will give you happiness.

4 Career Advice way to success In Life

And when you find a job in your field then it’s obvious that you will have full knowledge about that field. You will be interested to know about any extra information. You will search for more knowledge in that field.

In short working in your field will make you feel that your career decision was the best decision in your life. And you will be happy with you career decision unlike other people who choose the jobs which are not at all related to their own field or interest.

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