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water pollution essay in english | essay on water pollution in english in 100,300 and 500 words

water pollution short essay in english in 100 words

We also have that 75% of our earth, that is, one-third of the earth, is filled with water and only one part of the earth’s land is there. All living beings and animals need water to survive. Water Pollution When the dirty materials from factories and dirty water mix in our rivers and sea water, then it also pollutes it.

Due to water pollution, there are many types of diseases like dengue, malaria, cholera, etc. We can get many types of diseases due to water pollution. If the water is polluted, then mosquitoes and heads will be produced in it, whose bite can cause diseases like dengue malaria. Water pollution in the city is increasing very fast because more factories are in urban areas, so the water there is getting polluted.

water pollution short essay in english in 300 words

Water pollution is increasing very fast on our earth because at present technology and factories are being built very fast, due to which dirty chemical toxic water coming out of factories etc. Pollution is increasing.

Not only water pollution is spreading in the sea and rivers, but water pollution is also spreading in the ponds where rain water collects.

Water pollution causes many diseases because mosquitoes and flies breed in polluted water, due to which diseases spread among people. Due to the bite of mosquitoes, we can get a deadly disease like dengue malaria and if the flies sit on the dirty material and then sit on our food, then we can also get the disease.

The water in the village areas is very less polluted because there are not as many factories as there are in the urban areas. Due to the water being polluted, the water is not potable in many places, due to which the residents there are facing a lot of problems. is generated. If we want, we can stop water pollution, that is, we can save water from being polluted.

If we ban factories and companies from throwing contaminated water and chemical-laden substances into the river and sea, then water pollution can be saved to a great extent. Ban on washing clothes in rivers, ponds, even if arrangements are made for throwing garbage around, then water pollution can be saved.

water pollution essay in english in 500 words

Water pollution is a very serious problem, due to which many animals and humans can also die. Water pollution can cause many deadly diseases to us because mosquitoes breed in polluted water, whose bite can cause dangerous diseases like dengue and malaria to humans.

Water Pollution Essay In English 2021 | Essay On Water Pollution In English

Water pollution is increasing tremendously in urban areas because there are more companies and factories in urban areas. When chemicals and toxic substances released from factories mix in rivers and sea water, then the water of rivers also gets polluted due to them.

Water pollution is not so much in rural areas, but water pollution occurs in rural areas also because the people of the village use water from the banks of the ponds and ponds for washing clothes, washing cow, buffalo, bathing, defecation, etc. in the ponds around them. Due to which that water gets polluted.

Water is very important for all living beings and creatures because it is said that if there is water then there is life. Without water we cannot do anything, we cannot cook food, we cannot drink water when we are thirsty, nor can we wash our bodies. Therefore, we have to take many steps to protect the water from being polluted, otherwise we will not get pure water to drink even for 1 day if the water continues to be polluted in the same way.

Due to water pollution, our environment is reaching a lot of roof because when polluted water vapor will get into the atmosphere then it will also cause air pollution, due to which all the living beings living on our earth will face a lot of problems.

If we want, we can stop water pollution because it is we humans who are polluting the water and if we don’t want then the water will not be polluted. If we make arrangements by throwing chemicals and toxic substances from the factory into the river drains, then to a great extent we can save water from being polluted. Although we do not wash clothes in rivers and ponds and do not bathe cows and buffaloes, even then we can save the water of rivers and ponds from getting polluted.

If we inadvertently drink polluted water, then the chemicals and toxic substances present in it will enter inside our body, due to which our body will suffer a lot or our life can also be in danger.

The water of our cultural Ganges river is the most polluted of the rivers because all the devotees who come there wake up in the morning and take a bath in it and immerse many types of flowers in the water, due to which the water of the Indian Ganges river is getting polluted. .

If we want to save our life, then we have to save water from being polluted, only then our life will be saved because if there is water then there is life, if the water is not clean then we will catch many types of diseases and diseases, so it is our responsibility to keep the water clean.


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