Rainy Season Essay In English 2023

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rainy season essay in english | rainy season essay in english for class 5 in 100,300 and 500 words

rainy season essay in english in 100 words

There are many seasons on earth like summer, monsoon and winter. All these seasons are important but my favorite season is monsoon. The farmer is eagerly waiting for the rains. The rains make agriculture grow, we get drinking water. Like us, birds, animals, plants and vines all depend on rain for their livelihood. The rains begin approximately in the first week of June. The first rains give off a pleasant earthy aroma. The sun suddenly spreads hail on the earth.

The dark clouds in the sky, the cool wind makes the mind happy. Children play a lot in the rain water and leave the boats in the water to enjoy the rain. The pleasure of seeing the waves of the sea in the rainy season is also something different. You can see a rainbow scattering rainbows even in the rain. I love the rainy season so much that it makes the mind happy and cheerful every time.

rainy season essay in english in 300 words

Nature adorned on earth is an ornament. We see different forms of nature according to day and month. That is the natural cycle. There are winter, summer and rainy seasons on earth. Nature shows its beauty according to such seasons. I love the beauty of nature painted in the rain. So my favorite season is the rainy season. School starts in the month of June.

And it also starts to rain around. The scorching summer heat warms the entire land before the rains begin. The drizzle quenches the thirst of the land. Garva spreads everywhere. I really like the smell of soil coming from the ground. In the rainy season all the trees turn green. All blocked rivers begin to flow again. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it rains. When it rains heavily, ponds form around our house. Then we make paper boats and drop them into the water. And we all play friends in the water.

When it rains, you can sometimes see colorful rainbows. The peacock rejoices when it rains. And his feathers begin to bloom and dance in the forest. It will rain outside in the rainy season and the pleasure of drinking hot bhaji and tea indoors is fantastic. And the fun of getting wet in the rain is something different. Soaking in the rain, we also sing Bholanath’s song. “Tell me, Bholanath, will it rain? Will there be a holiday by keeping a pond around the school?” When it starts raining, there is water everywhere. Rain brings sleet in the air.

All the plants are washed clean. The trees get water, all the roads wash the roofs of the houses, the trees that have dried up in summer bloom again, the greenery is seen. Water is life. Mankind, animals, birds, plants, vines need water very much. This need is met by rain. Farmers are also happy when it starts raining. Because he is sowing seeds in the soil and is eagerly waiting for rain.

By blocking the water of rivers, the farmer grows crops and vegetables in the field. In the rainy season the whole creation was green. The heated atmosphere was cold. We get soaked in the rain, having a lot of fun. Sometimes the school also gets a holiday. So I love the rainy season.

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rainy season essay in english in 500 words

This is the first song that comes to mind when it rains.My favorite season is rain. The month of June has begun and the rains have arrived. In the market, colorful, small, large size umbrellas, raincoats, gum boots etc. are for sale. We have a lot of fun when it rains. The rain came and it never happened that I didn’t get wet. The lightning strikes, the clouds thunder, and then the drops begin to fall. The smell of cool soil disappears and after a while it starts raining heavily.

I really like the beginning of the rain. I was a little scared when the power went out. But the fun of getting wet in the rain that comes after that is something different. When it rains, we look for Bholanath and ask. “Tell me, Bholanath, will it rain, will there be a holiday by keeping ponds around the school”. We have a lot of fun when it rains. No matter how angry the mother was, if hail fell, she would eat it, make a paper boat and drop it in the flowing water and see whose boat goes away.

Rainy Season Essay In English 2021

Urging teachers to take a holiday when it rains while at school. As soon as the holiday is over, running home without waiting for the rain to end. The weather was pleasant in the rainy season. Water is called life. Therefore, monsoon is a very important season. I look forward to the rain. Because it frees you from the unbearable heat of summer. Rain brings coolness to the air. When it starts raining, there is water everywhere. The trees get nice water. The roofs of houses are washed away. And the mind is pleased. The joy of getting wet in the first rain is something different. The big men, however, are blown away.

Someone’s house is flooded with water from the roof, while someone’s yard is flooded. Then the men in the house rush to repair it. But we, the little ones, are enjoying the rain. Rain is a wonderful gift of nature. People, animals, plants and vines need water very much. It fills that need. Rainwater is stored in dams, wells, lakes and other places. The flowing water from rivers, streams and nallas goes to the sea.

But by blocking river water, farmers grow crops in their fields. Some grow and sell vegetables, while others grow large orchards and produce many fruits. The trees bloom and the vines bloom. But it also sometimes does a lot of damage to humans somewhere. Sometimes heavy rains cause rivers to flood and the sea rises and the water flows from city to village. And people suffer a lot. Mountains, cliffs collapse, and people lose their lives unnecessarily. I was very sad then, but looking at the good qualities of rain, I love the rainy season very much.


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