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my teacher essay in english | my favourite teacher essay in english in 100,300 and 500 words

my favourite teacher essay in english in 100 words

In the life of every child, his parents are the first teachers. They take good care of your child. But when we enter school. Then we move from the small world to the big world. And in this big world your school teachers show you the right path. Mr. Vasant Deshmukh of my school is my favorite teacher.

He is very disciplined, kind, loving and friendly. He is the class teacher of our class. They teach us maths and computers. They teach maths in a very simple way. Deshmukh sir is very good not only as a teacher but also as a person. All kids have assistants from time to time.

She pays full attention to the weak children in studies and tries her best to remind them everything. Deshmukh sir works very hard to make us. I always pray that such a teacher benefits everyone. I am very proud of them and I am very grateful to them.

my favourite teacher essay in english in 300 words

Like a potter makes a clay ball into a beautiful pitcher. Similarly, teachers also do a great job of shaping the personality of the students. Mother is the first teacher of all. Then the teachers do a great job of shaping everyone. My Guruji made me like my parents. One of my favorite personalities is my Srikant Patil sir. Primary education is the foundation of every student’s future life.

Sara loved me like her father as I was growing up. My sir would come to school before I could go to school. He was very fond of cleanliness. He planted medicinal plants, beautiful flowers in our school. He was a great artist. What rhymes do you teach with verbs? I still admire that poem today. He used to teach any lesson of the book with such sincerity that we could remember the lesson. Since her handwriting is as beautiful as pearls, my handwriting is beautiful by itself.

His personality was multifaceted. His favorite subject was Mathematics. He taught us by demonstrating it. So our behavior becomes stronger. He fixed our every subject. I didn’t know how our day went with our sir. During the physical education hours, he would join us and enjoy the game. I loved speaking, singing, playing, dancing, reading, writing.

My Teacher Essay In English 2021

Our school teachers themselves enabled us in technology by creating many mobile applications. That time Sarah taught us to use it. He was always smiling. His words were so encouraging that I can’t remember anyone ever making a mistake. Sir did a great job of making us live as human beings. He further added to the sweetness of our education through e-learning. He gave our school the Swachh Sundar Vidyalaya award.

He helped many poor students financially from time to time. He provided valuable guidance to our parents from time to time. Without any expectation, he faithfully performed the holy act of enlightenment. Even today, remembering this work of Sara, the mind was stunned. Where did this efficiency come from? He not only gave me bookish knowledge but also helped me shape my life. Today society is in dire need of teachers like Patil Saran. This is my very favorite sir. I will never forget such a loving, dutiful, all round sir.

my teacher essay in english in 500 words

“Teachers increase knowledge by words, create life from life, learn principles from values, show the right direction to the society.” Teacher has an invaluable place in everyone’s life. Parents are our first teachers and teachers are our second teachers. Teachers teach us, do a great job of giving good values. We, the students, create the passion of the teachers to spread our wings in the sky. Also an ideal teacher with an all round personality, Pawar sir is my inspirational teacher.

He is a disciplined and socially forward teacher. He has in-depth knowledge of all subjects. This has made our school a model school in the district. We are proud of Pawar because he lives in our village. They take our scholarship as well as other competitive exams classes on Sundays. Many of his students are holding high positions in government jobs. They guide us by recognizing our inherent qualities. He has answers to all the questions in my mind.

Against this backdrop of the current corona they regularly come to us online hours students. He has a special interest in technology. He has his own YouTube channel, blog. They make great videos and send them to us. They have been doing this for the last four-five years. Many of his students have reached far and wide through technology. Our sir tells us about the technical knowledge of computer as well as its importance in various fields. Along with studies, our heads inspire us to participate in sports and outdoor competitions.

They provide all the help you need for competitive exams. They help to celebrate many festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day. He has given us not only education but also the lessons of values. No matter how educated you are, they always say that without sanskars your life is useless. They tell me a lot about how to deal with the outside world, how to deal with the situation. They always give room to the artistic talent of the children. Very strict in terms of timing.

Because of them all our things are done on time and hence we understand the importance of time. They also tell funny jokes to get everyone’s attention while teaching us maths. So their time is an atmosphere of enthusiasm in the class. After taking classes they always ask us questions so that we can understand why we don’t understand and only then our doubts get cleared.

From time to time our sir gives us online guidance how to wash hands to prevent corona, how to use mask, how to be in contact with outsiders, how to maintain physical and mental health. Many students, parents and villagers are taking advantage of this. Sara’s teaching skills are very different, she makes everyone her own in an instant. They make regular efforts for the progress of all the students in the school. Our teachers have put up awareness boards in the village with the help of young budding youth of the village.

Seeing his special work on Independence Day, the Gram Panchayat honored him as a special warrior. There is an isolation room in our school which he also visits from time to time. Our Sir does special work to increase the physical and mental strength of all the citizens of the village. Sara’s work is amazing. I see great social workers like Sant Gadge Baba, Sant Tukadoji Maharaj, ideal teacher Mahatma Jyotiba Phule as well as Savitribai Phule, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar etc.

We are continuing our vow of continuous knowledge and social service. I am hopeful that soon the corona situation will improve and social life will definitely return to normal. But the work that Sara did for us students during the Corona period will surely burn in everyone’s mind. It is equally true. There are very few to thank sir..


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