My Grandmother Essay In English 2023 | Essay On Grandmother In English

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my grandmother essay in english | essay on grandmother in english in 100,200 and 300 words

essay on grandmother in english in 100 words

When I get tired of school in the evening, I throw away the office load and then run to my grandfather. I hugged my grandfather, called him Grandpa. When my grandpa plays with my favorite chocolate roti in my hand, my tiredness from the day goes away instantly. When the evening tour is over, he sits down to talk with me.

They ask me all the facts of the day. Who went to school in which subject? Has anyone asked a question? I liked what I learned the most. What do you find difficult? They ask me everything. Now I realize that this habit of his has led to a revision of what he taught that day. After dinner, my grandfather used to take me with him to make centipedes. Sometimes it’s fun. They tell me nice things when I sleep at night.

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essay on grandmother in english in 200 words

I love my grandparents who love me. My grandfather is never angry with me. They always appreciate me. They help me in my studies. That’s why I get good marks. My grandfather plays with me. They take me to the garden. Although my parents do not allow me to have bhel and ice cream at home, my grandfather feeds me bhel ice cream and eats it himself. Everyone in the house respects the grandparents.

But when they make fun of us, they laugh at us and laugh at us. Our whole house is happy because of the grandparents. That’s why I love my grandfather so much. My grandfather is a role model who is always happy. They are always happy. Never grumbled or got upset. I have never seen them get upset till now. They’re always joking. That’s why everyone loves their company. They have a huge pool of people.

All our relatives love Grandpa very much. Grandparents always immediately question everyone. He has a cordial relationship with everyone. That’s why we have a constant flow of visitors and friends. Everyone gets happy seeing Dada. My grandfather loved cleanliness and neatness. This quality should be taken from them.

my grandmother essay in english in 300 words

His day always starts off neatly. First wipe the dust from windows, hardwood, chairs, tables, clothes. Cleaning lasts for about half an hour. Then they go to irrigate the trees they have planted, and their tenderness and tenderness are revealed. First and gently wipe the water off of the seedlings with a damp poke.

My Grandmother Essay In English 2021 | Essay On Grandmother In English

Water the seedlings, after wiping with a damp cloth. Plants grow with the loving touch of Grandfather. After cleaning they take a bath. And go out for morning walk. After an hour or so when they come back after drinking tea, they resume their favorite routine. That is, to read. They read newspapers for at least an hour. He loves reading newspapers. So we order three newspapers. One English and two Marathi. When they are reading, they hear important news from the newspaper no matter who is around.

While reading an English newspaper, they keep a dictionary with them without fail. If a word gets stuck, they search for words in the dictionary without getting bored. If I’m on edge, they bring archives to help me find words when I need help. I have benefited so much from his habit that my English essay is the best in the class.

I sit to study they made me slim. How is it how to hold a pen. how to read books They study how to hold a book. They help me a lot in rehearsals. Every day in the tenth year, they ask me to read the text of the textbook aloud. But never get angry over all this. He is of the opinion that all matters should be systematic and neat. His habit has also slowly caught me.

I do my best to focus on all the writing in my book. My wife always admires my writing. And all the credit for this goes to my grandfather. He has to ask everyone to have good thoughts, behave well and do all this regularly. My grandfather used to do it himself. Tukaram Maharaj has said that if you speak like this, you will get merit. His steps are Vandavi’s as well as my grandfather’s.


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