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my favourite sant Essay In Marathi | essay on my favourite sant in english in 100,300 and 500 words

essay on my favourite sant in english 100 words

Sant Ramdas was a great saint poet of Maharashtra. He was the guru of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. His original name was Narayan Thosar. People respectfully call him Samarth or Samarth Ramdas. Sant Ramdas was born in Jamb village of Jalna district. His marriage was fixed against his will at the age of twelve. When they heard this word, beware, they ran to the wedding tent.

Later he went to Nashik and did penance. He took the name Ramdas so that no one could recognize him there. He lived in Nashik for twelve years and during this time he studied ancient scriptures and various scriptures, Vedas, Upanishads. After twelve years of penance, he visited India. He established the temples of Maruthi in the villages and about eleven hundred mathas across the country. He gave his life for “Maratha Tituka Melvava Maharashtra Dharma Vadhav”. He showed man the path of saintly self-realization. He used to say that devotion is the only way to attain God.

He had a deep affection for the society. His work was the shrine. He has composed Dasbodh, Manache Shloka, Karunashtake, Bhimarupi Stotra and many aartis. He did many things to make people literate. He used to say, “Whatever you have, tell others, let them do it wisely.” Samarth Ramdas spent his last days at Sajjangarh near Satara. Magh no. Sant Ramdas died on 9 Saka 1603.

essay on my favourite sant in english 300 words

Sant Gadge Maharaj is interested in social reform, social justice and cleanliness. The full name of Sant Gadge Maharaj is Debuji Jhingraji Janorkar. He was born on February 23, 1876. His father’s name was Jhingraji and mother’s name was Sakhubai. Sant Gadge Baba is a person who serves the downtrodden and the oppressed.

He wore a khapar cap on his head, a kavadi in one ear and a piece of broken bangles in the other, a broom in one hand and a pot in the other. Sant Gadge Baba was a foot school. Describing the importance of education to the society, he taught cleanliness and character.

He was a social reformer who worked tirelessly to eradicate poverty, ignorance, superstition and uncleanliness. He also served the disabled. Throughout his life he taught the people of the community not to be ignorant, not to believe in books, Puranas, mantras and miracles.

He always wore a blanket and an earthen pot. That’s why people called him Gadge Baba. And later it came to be known by this name. Sant Gadge Baba started Dharamshala, Orphanage, Ashram School for orphans in Maharashtra Sant Gadge Baba Maharaj has built many Dharamshalas in Dehu, Alandi, Pandharpur, Nashik and Mumbai. He did many public welfare works and carried them out successfully. He used the path of Kirtan to eradicate the bad traditions in the society.

They did not believe in caste, religion or caste. And he always rewarded equality. He had a sense of welfare of the people in his mind. Gadge Maharaj considered Sant Tukaram Maharaj as his guru. He sometimes used the abhang of Sant Tukaram to convey his ideas to the masses.

Gadge Maharaj was a deity for the poor, destitute, poor and handicapped. Sant Gadge Maharaj died on 20 December 1956 in Amravati district. Today, the Gram Panchayats of some clean villages of Maharashtra are given Gadge Baba Gram Swachhata Puraskar in the name of Gadge Maharaj.

my favourite sant Essay In Marathi in 500 words

Sant Tukaram is the saint who shows the path of devotion to God by giving the message to the public that he is the only one who should be known as a saint, God knows where he is. Created by Sant Tukaram Maharaj.

My Favourite Sant Essay In Marathi 2021 | Essay On My Favourite Sant In English

The full name of Sant Tukaram is Tukaram Bolhoba Ambile. They are also known as Tucoba. Sant Tukaram was a great Varkari saint of the seventeenth century AD.

He was born on Vasant Panchami in Dehu village of Pune district on Magh Shuddh Panchami. Pandhari Vari was a pre-existing custom in their family. He had Savji as his elder brother and Kanhoba as his younger brother. Father’s name was Bolhoba and mother’s name was Kankai.

He was married to Jijabai, daughter of Appaji Gulve of Pune. Tukaram had to go through many difficulties in his worldly life. Vithoba i.e. Vitthal of Pandharpur was the adorable deity of Tukaram. Tukaram is also known as Varkari Jagadguru.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the king of the adorable deity of Maharashtra, considered Tukoba as his guru. Sant Tukaram started social awakening in the seventeenth century. He did the work of guiding the society properly through his literature and kirtan. Sant Bahinabai was a disciple of Tukaram. Sant Tukaram wrote Tukaram Gatha.

It has more than five thousand abhangas. Vitthal of Pandharpur was his deity. He composed many sermons on Vitthal and society. Deva will give lacquer, ant sugar semolina. Also there are many abhangs like “No Nirmal Jeevan, Ke Karil Saban” and his sharp intellect. The sweetness in his abhanga is incomparable.

There is a beauty beyond them in his abhangas, his words captivate everyone’s mind. Sant Tukaram Maharaj created an unbroken tradition of the Varkari sect. Sant Tukaram Maharaj had laid the foundation stone of social awakening in the seventeenth century. At that time Tukaram Maharaj had done an important job of giving right direction to the society by removing the superstitions prevalent in the society.

He always focused on the welfare of the people more than his own happiness. Sant Tukaram Maharaj was popular among the people of that time. He was successful in awakening the Bahujan Samaj and convincing people with his views on Dev Dharma. Sant Tukaram took off the turban of superstition from the society and worked to give a new religion, a new language to the people.

His abhangas have been beneficial to human life. Sant Tukaram had compassion for the poor. He was aware of humanity. He was the first saint in the world to forgive the debts of the borrowers. Sant Tukaram Maharaj has composed Gavalni with his abhang. Many people have tried to know the beauty by studying their Abhangas. It is believed that Tukaram’s body went to Vaikuntha on Falgun Vadya II. This day is known as Tukaram Beej. Many books, series and films have been published on the life of Tukaram Maharaj.

Even today, we have taken many famous proverbs, phrases and expressions in Marathi language from Tukaram Maharaj’s book. The abhang of Sant Tukaram gives a new direction to today’s society. Even though today we have made great progress in science and technology, but everyone is facing many family, social and emotional problems. All of them will find a way out of Tukoba’s disillusionment. Otherwise your kingdom will be like “You are with yourself, you have missed the place”. It is the misfortune of every Indian that Sant Tukaram Maharaj was born in our country.


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