My Favourite Game Essay In English 2023 | My Favourite Game Cricket Essay In English

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my favourite game essay in english | my favourite game cricket essay in english in 100,300 and 500 words

my favourite game cricket essay english in 100 words

My favorite sport is cricket. Me and my friends play cricket every evening on the ground near the school. I am the captain of the cricket team. I have won many cricket matches with my team. Cricket is played in two teams. There are eleven players in a team. The game begins with a coin toss. Winning the toss gives the team a chance to choose between bowling and batting.

The captain is the head of the team. The decision of the arbitrator is considered final. I love both bowling and batting. I am also fond of fielding. Cricket gives my body a good workout. I feel refreshed by playing cricket. My body stays fit. I love watching cricket matches.. I want to grow up to be a cricketer like Sachin Tendulkar. I love cricket.

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my favourite game cricket essay english in 300 words

Sports are very important for your health. Playing outdoor games not only entertains you but also gives you physical exercise. Outdoor sports create fitness and freshness in us. Various sports like cricket, khokho, kabaddi, football are played in India. Everyone has a favorite sport. Similarly kabaddi is my favorite sport. Kabaddi is a South Asian sport now an international team field sport.

This game is known by different names in different parts of India. You don’t need anything to play Kabaddi. Only a rectangular field is required for Kabaddi. The Kabaddi ground is 12.5 meters long and 10 meters wide. A line is drawn at the center of a rectangular field.

My Favourite Game Essay In English 2021 | My Favourite Game Cricket Essay In English

And two equal parts of the field are formed. Each part is called a court. Each court has a bonus line and a lobby. The Kabaddi ground has a parallel tangent at a distance of three meters from the center line and a bonus line at a distance of 1 meter from the tangent. There are two teams in Kabaddi. There are twelve players in each team. Seven of them took to the field to play.

The first coin is tossed before the start of the game. In the team that wins the toss, the offensive player goes to the opposing team by saying Kabaddi…Kabaddi. The player returns without touching the players of the opposing team. If the player returns safely, the players he touches to the opposing team are considered finished. The more players eliminated, the more points the winning team gets. If the offending player loses his breath while playing in the opposing field, he is considered out. Thus the game is played in two parts of 20-20 minutes each. This Indian game is played in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh etc.

We also have kabaddi teams in our school. I love to play in the annual kabaddi competition held in school. Playing kabaddi helps in physical development as well as mental development. I think the game of Kabaddi inspires us to face tough situations and be brave. Kabaddi is a game played on the soil of Maharashtra. You do not need much money to play this game. Anyone can play this game with proper training. This game requires a lot of ingenuity and strength. I love the game of Kabaddi.

my favourite game essay in english in 500 words

Various traditional games are played in our country. Children play various games like cricket, kho-kho, kabaddi. Sport is physical exercise. Along with physical exercise, there is also mental exercise. I like to play various outdoor games. I play various games like Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Langdi-Palti, Cricket in school. But out of that Kho-Kho is my favorite game. Kho-Kho is a very simple game.

The game requires a lot of speed and skill. So you have to be strong to play this game. If your physical condition is critical. Or if you get tired of running around a lot, I frankly don’t want to play this game.

This game does not require any equipment except two sticks at the end of the field. Just like you need a ball, bat or anything else while playing cricket, similarly you need anything else in the game of Kho-Kho. is not required. So the rich can play the game but the poor can’t buy equipment. So this game is perfect for kids who can’t buy sports equipment. Kho-Kho Maidan is 111 feet long and 51 feet wide. Kho-Kho is a game played between two teams. There are twelve players in each team. Nine out of twelve players come to the field.

Eight players out of 9 in a team sit facing each other. The ninth player is standing near a pillar. Only 3 players from the other team enter the field at the beginning. The main thing is not to let the players of the opposing team touch you. The first three players are out while the other three players come into play. Between the seated players, the chaser touches the back and the other player begins to chase the runner. And the loser takes his place. Each innings of a Kho-Kho game is of five minutes for younger contestants and seven minutes for older contestants. There are many rules to be followed in the game of Khokho.

The player can run in any direction along the boundary of the field. But the chasing player cannot change direction. Once they get up, they have to run in the same direction as the player. The player can go through the seated players or through the pole. But the chasing player cannot get off the pole. So he has to go round or touch the line near the pole and come back. We have a Kho-Kho team in our school. We are always participating in district-to-taluka kho-kho competitions.

Playing kho-kho has changed a lot in me. That’s why I have developed physically. My immune system is boosted. My intellectual capacity has also increased. Khokho drama pleases my heart. In today’s computer and mobile era, the number of children playing outdoor games has decreased. Playing outdoor games is essential for the intellectual and physical development of children. Kho-Kho is one of them. Which leads to better physical development. That’s why I love kho-kho game.


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