My Favourite Bird Parrot Essay In English 2023

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my favourite bird parrot essay in english | essay on my favourite bird parrot in english in 100,300 and 500 words

my favourite bird parrot essay in english in 100 words

The parrot is a beautiful bird. It is green in color. Its beak is red and curved. He has a red belt around his neck. The parrot is on the tree. He likes guavas and peppers. He speaks sweetly. Everyone loves parrots. Parrots are very smart. Parrots are good at mimicking sounds.

Parrots usually live for 30 to 40 years. He can imitate many animals, birds and even humans. That is why this bird is so dear to children. Swarms of parrots look so beautiful flying in the sky. Because of all this, the parrot is my favorite bird

my favourite bird parrot essay in english in 300 words

The parrot is a very beautiful and colorful bird found in many different species and varieties in the United States and Australia. Its color is usually green. It has a red curved beak. Parrots are very popular among children. He lives in a tree trunk. The parrot is very sweet because of his sweet talk.

Trapped in a cage is the fruit of one’s own sweet talk. It has a black ring around its neck .Parrows are usually 12 to 14 inches long. It is a herbivorous bird. He also eats grains, fruits, leaves, seeds and cooked rice. He likes peppers, mangoes, guavas and hard-shelled fruits. Sanghachari means living together in a group and all the birds are very googling birds. They mimic the sounds of various animals and birds. Parrots live for thirty to forty years.

Some parrots live longer. It is a beautiful sight to see when a group of parrots come together. The parrot is a clever bird. So whoever speaks the language easily. He is called the Pandit of the parties. People in India teach him words like Ram Ram, Sitaram, Namaste and Swagatam. He can mimic a man’s voice. Many people teach parrots to exercise. Parrots are useful for fortune tellers and for working in circuses. He entertains everyone.

The parrot is a very beautiful bird and a national park has been established for its protection. A lot of people put their stomachs in cages but instead of doing that, let them go. Because like a human being, he has this freedom. And if he likes to fly in the sky, why should we stop them? . Therefore, keeping birds in nests should be stopped.

Man is deforesting trees for his life, so the lives of parrots and all birds are in danger. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Otherwise you won’t even get to see it after a while.

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my favourite bird parrot essay in english in 500 words

Parrots are one of the most beautiful birds in nature. The parrot is familiar to everyone from the youngest to the oldest. This is a completely predatory bird. Its food is pomegranate, guava, fig, green chilli, sorghum, wheat, millet etc. A swarm of parrots in the forest picks grain on the crops. Parrots make a sweet sound. Parrots build their nests in large tree trunks or in the cracks of old houses. The female lays four to six eggs at a time in the nest. Because parrots are good to look at, people happily keep them in cages in their homes.

The parrot is green in color with a yellowish tinge. Its tail is green in color and its beak is red in color. He is graceful and graceful. Its length is about 12 to 14 inches. Some of these birds have a scarlet neck around their necks. His eyes are wide. Its beak is curved and strong. The tip of the beak has an edge. This helps the parrot to eat the hard-shelled fruit. The parrot’s tongue is thick and fleshy. The parrot can quickly remove the shells and bark of various fruits or seeds and its foot structure is suitable for sitting on the tree.

The parrot is a human-loving bird and lives together in a group of parrots and is considered to be the most noisy bird among all birds. People keep this bird as a pet bird. Parrots are good at imitating other birds and animals, which is why they are so popular. At birdwatchers’ homes you will find parrots in their cages. The parrot likes to live in its tree trunk.

It lives mostly on tall trees. Parrots love many kinds of sweet fruit. The view is breathtaking when groups of parrots roam the skies. Parrots are taught to speak at most homes. And he makes us Ram Ram too. You may have experienced this sometime. Some species of parrots in Africa speak very clearly. You may have seen parrots in circuses and fortune tellers. This bird is very intelligent and can easily learn any language if it is taught.

So this bird is less of a circus and a fortune teller. Parrots live for thirty to forty years. Some parrots live for many years. The parrot is also called the pundit because it is a very clever party. Some people keep their stomachs in a cage but without doing so they should be released because like a human being he has the right to freedom. So he would love to fly high in the sky.

Therefore, no birds should be kept in indoor cages. Nowadays people are clearing forests for migration so the lives of such birds are endangered. Nowadays, parrots or other birds are becoming rare due to pollution. These birds have become extinct due to increasing air and water pollution. However, their proportion seems to be much lower now than in the past.

You have to do something for these birds. Otherwise you won’t even see it after a few years. We should nurture such beautiful birds in nature and nurture our nature.


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