My Best Friend Essay In English 2023

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my best friend essay in english in 100 words

Friendship is a relationship where only you find happiness. Being a friend means forgetting all the joys and sorrows and living in them. That’s one of my favorite friends. Friend, friend, brother, how many names are there? But love in every word. My favorite friend’s name is Sahil. We have been together since childhood.

He is very understanding. He stands behind me in every bad situation. We often have arguments. But our friendship never broke. I thank God for giving me such a friend.

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my best friend essay in english in 300 words

Friendship is very important in every person’s life. Friendship is respect, love and affection for a person. Your life is incomplete without a friend. A good friend accompanies you in your joys and sorrows. When we have a problem, he stands firmly behind us. It also solves our problems and comforts us. Madhura is my favorite girlfriend. We have been in a school since kindergarten. So our friendship has become very strong.

So Madhura is very special to me. They are very loving and affectionate. Madhura is very clever in her studies. So there was some difficulty in the study that I take her help. Every day we both sit on the same bench. We don’t even know how the day goes because of our daily school hours and our chat. Apart from sweet studies, he is also good at sports, painting and oratory. She is the favorite student of all the teachers in the school. She also loves reading. We go to the library during the middle school holidays.

And brings books of stories. She made me love reading this. Madhura brings different food in the box every day. Eats canned food and divided. After the holidays we go to play on the school grounds and have fun. Since we both live in the same colony, we go to school together every day. It is played on the field near the house on holidays. Sometimes we sit together and study during exams. If there are any obstacles during the study, they help each other by telling each other.

Sometimes we even quarrel with each other but when Ruswa goes we come together again forgetting everything and talking to each other again. Since Madhura loves to read books, every time I give her a greeting card and a book of different things as a gift. At the same time she also gives me beautiful gifts for each of my birthdays. We both love each other very much.

We both always give each other good advice. Madhura always inspires me to do new things. She always helps me in times of difficulty. Due to all these qualities, Madhura is my favorite friend. I am grateful for the help she has given me so far.

my best friend essay in english in 500 words

Friendship is a precious bond of friendship, companionship and intimacy. I have many friends from my childhood till today but my dearest friend is Suraj. Suraj is my very best friend. He lives next door to me. Suraj and I have been close friends since childhood. What can I say, there is little I can say about my best friend. Suraj has been my childhood friend. He learns in my class.

He comes from a poor family. Although he is poor in circumstances, he is very rich in mind and intellect. As children, we used to have a lot of fun. We both played a lot in this childhood and we have enjoyed the pleasant moments of childhood to the fullest. We both learn in the sixth. In class we both sit on the same bench. Our daily routine is to study hard, to help each other in our studies and to play and play together in our spare time. After school we play and study together.

My Best Friend Essay In English 2021

We both go to school every day. I don’t care if he’s out of class one day. I think he goes to her house once after school and asks her questions. He is very rich in mind even though he is poor in circumstances. His parents and I have a good acquaintance. His handwriting is very beautiful. His painting is amazing. He participates in all school activities. I was speechless like that but I have started talking because I have found invaluable friends like Suraj.

Although Suraj is the smartest in the class, he is not proud of his cleverness. Despite the poverty at home, Suraj always has a smile on his face. Suraj is a very loving and virtuous student. He is also the secretary of our class. I am fascinated by this study because of his very studious attitude. I always help Suraj if he needs any help. He always reviews my every subject so that I can get these good marks in my studies. He is known as a disciplined student.

Suraj’s favorite subject is mathematics. Along with practice, he is also a great player. He is an excellent kabaddi player. He has often won inter-school and state level kabaddi competitions. Such an all-rounder Suraj himself is poor but also helps other poor and many people. He reviews underdeveloped students so that other children like him can read and write. Talk to them freely. Suraj wants to learn further and become a pilot. He wants to serve this country by overcoming poverty and fulfilling the dream of his parents.

Suraj’s qualities are less than worth mentioning. I am very lucky because I have found a loving, loving, enthusiastic friend like Suraj. All I can say about Suraj is that “Suraj, you are like a bright star like the sun, always an inspiring light to many like me”. This is my dearest friend who loves me very much.

Just like a friend always stands behind me, Suraj also stands behind me in every difficulty. I love him very much .Our friendship will never end. It is safe to say that she is an evergreen. A true friend like Suraj is a precious gift from God. I am so proud of this friendship.


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