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essay on importance of cleanliness in english in 100,300 and 500 words

importance of cleanliness essay in english in 100 words

Cleanliness is an important part of our lives. Cleanliness means staying clean. Hygiene is a good habit that enhances your quality of life. Every day we wake up like that. So you should brush your teeth daily, wash your face, hands and feet, and take a bath at the same time. And it is a good habit to live a healthy and peaceful life.

We should never neglect hygiene. Because cleanliness is as important to us as water and food. Because it is said that God dwells where cleanliness prevails.

importance of cleanliness essay in english in 300 words

Personal hygiene is as important as the hygiene of the house, the village, the country. Every village needs toilets. Only then will the village remain clean. The villagers spoil the water of the river lake. People wash dishes, wash clothes, clean animals in the river. So they were unfit for drinking water. So the disease spreads. So the work of cleaning this river should be undertaken. If you keep the house unhygienic, many kinds of pests infiltrate your house and spread the disease and as a result you get sick.

It wastes both your money and your time. And the most important thing is that parents, education should inculcate the habit of keeping children clean from an early age. This means that children will understand the importance of cleanliness from an early age. And along with one’s own hygiene, the importance of public hygiene should also be emphasized. If there is cleanliness in the house, if a guest comes in the house, he is very happy to see the cleanliness in the house. But if there is no cleanliness in the house, then no one will like that uncleanliness.

We all take special care of the cleanliness of our home. But only when we take care of our surroundings will our country be clean. Because if everyone cleans the area, our country will be clean. The benefits of maintaining a clean home are many. If you keep the house clean, you will not get sick. The mind will also be happy. Hygiene means cleansing your body, mind and your surroundings. We can divide hygiene into several types. Such as washing clothes, cleaning the streets, cleaning the office, cleaning the surroundings, cleaning the people, cleaning the houses, cleaning the environment, etc.

Hygiene is a habit that everyone should adopt. Hygiene is an essential human quality. This is a simple solution to prevent various diseases. Our Indian culture believes that Lakshmi resides where there is cleanliness.

Essay 1 – importance of cleanliness essay in english in 500 words

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a national level campaign launched for the cleanliness of India. The campaign was launched on October 2, 2014 at Rajghat, New Delhi under the leadership of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. It was the dream of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi to make our India clean and healthy. Therefore, on the occasion of the 150th birth centenary of Mahatma Gandhi, the government decided to clean up India by October 2, 2019. Modiji had expressed that he would be given due respect.

While leading this campaign, the people were appealed to fulfill Mahatma Gandhiji’s dream of a clean and healthy India. The purpose of this campaign was to clean all the places in the village and city roads on this occasion. The campaign created a sense of responsibility among the people. So people came together and they started cleaning from themselves. It was attended by people from all walks of life. People from many fields like cine actors, players, government employees, military personnel participated in this campaign.

Importance Of Cleanliness Essay In English 2021

Not only that, but the importance of cleanliness was conveyed to the people through various means. The importance of “Clean India, Healthy India” was conveyed to the people through various mediums such as drama, street drama, music. Under this sanitation, many activities like proper disposal of waste, cleaning of toilets, cleaning of roads, wet waste, separate storage of dry waste were implemented. Village house toilets were built. The poor were provided with toilet facilities. The response of the people turned the campaign into a movement. People vowed to make India clean and healthy. Cleanliness is considered to be the form of God.

Therefore, we should participate in such a campaign and strive for a clean India. India needs to do more to stay healthy. So that Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of a clean and healthy India will come true soon. We should all carry out the mantra “Don’t do dirt, don’t do it”. The real beginning of cleanliness should be in your home. The use of plastic should be avoided, public vehicles should be used as much as possible, all water sources should be kept clean.

The use of contaminants should be avoided. When we do all the work ourselves wholeheartedly and make India healthy, it can be said that Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has become a real success. Our first responsibility is to keep the country clean. Many hygiene schemes and programs are being organized in India today. So that the Indian public can be aware of cleanliness. And prioritize cleanliness. Hygiene is an equal responsibility of all of us. And everyone must fulfill their responsibility.

Sometimes someone keeps adding dirt. So we should improve our habits and make cleanliness a part of our daily life. Unhygienic conditions can cause great harm to humans. Unhygienic conditions can also lead to serious illness. So we should not keep unclean. Because it hurts us.

Garbage bins should always be used for disposal. This is because dumping garbage in the open breeds mosquitoes. And so you are more likely to get diseases like dengue and malaria. The dream of a clean environment will soon come true when we do not keep unsanitary and make others aware of it. And it will help to become a clean India.

Essay 2 – importance of cleanliness essay in english in 500 words

There is no other animal in this world as sensitive as man. Human existence is more sensitive than other animals. Other animals do not need cleanliness while living their life. But cleanliness is very important for human survival. If there is no cleanliness in our life, our health is at risk and life is hampered.

There are different types of cleanliness. If we do not clean our body, our body will remain unclean. After a few days, your body will start smelling bad, so your health will deteriorate. Similarly, it is necessary to clean your hair, clean your nails, clean your teeth. Every part of our body plays a very important role for the body. So keeping every part of the body clean is beneficial to give us a healthy life.

Along with this, it is very important to keep the house you live in clean, the yard clean and the surrounding area clean. If you clean your house from time to time, epidemic diseases, diseases, bad smell and unsanitary will not spread, so the environment of your house will always be clean and pleasant.

Along with cleanliness of body, cleanliness of mind is also very important. Now you may be wondering how to keep your mind clean?

To keep your mind clean, you should start from yourself, not letting any bad thoughts enter your mind means keeping your mind clean. Along with that, if our living area i.e. house is clean, our mind will also be clean and happy. It is said that God resides in a clean and beautiful body and mind. So it is very important to keep our body and mind clean.

This is our personal cleanliness, but along with our personal cleanliness, it is also very important to keep the surroundings, surroundings, and our own home as well as the society clean.

A serious situation can arise if your environment is not clean. Various diseases are spread through unsanitary Unsanitary is a medium of spreading problems like epidemics, pollution.

Therefore, it is the duty of every citizen to ensure that cleanliness is not visible anywhere in his area. It is important to ensure that your waste is managed properly. By managing waste, you can maintain the cleanliness of your home and surroundings. It can have two different components wet waste and dry waste management. We can burn the useless and dry waste and we can use the wet waste for bio-fertilizer.

Along with that, if there are sewers flowing through your premises, you should make sure that the sewers are cleaned periodically, if not, report to the municipality or the government department in your area. Also, if there is a river flowing near the place where we live, it is also necessary to keep it clean. Be careful not to wash utensils, clothes, animals near water sources. Also, do not put any dirty clothes or plastic bags in the vessels of rivers and drains so that the river or the lava vessels do not smell bad.


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