How To Open Car Wash Business In India In 2020 | Complete Guide

Hello friends, today we are going to take a complete look at the Car Wash Business In India. In this post we are going to look at a lot of topics on how to start a Car Wash Business In India and how to be successful. You may have seen the car washing center but today we are going to get the complete information about theCar Wash Business In India.

Exactly how much investment will have to be made in this? Also, how to succeed in this? What are the things needed to start this business? How to promote this business? What legal requirements are required? What machinery and materials are used in this business? You will find answers to many such questions in this post.

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As the population of India grows, so does the number of trains. As a result, related businesses are growing, such as garage servicing and cleaning centers. There is no doubt that this business will continue to be in demand as it is today, so this is a great opportunity to start this business.

How To open Car Wash Business In India

Before we get into how to get started, we’re going to look at exactly what this business is all about.

what is Car Wash Business ?

There are many types in Car Wash Business In India for cleaning cars, trucks and many vehicles from the outside as well as the inside. Cleaning said that the only thing that comes to mind is cleaning, but there are a lot of opportunities in it, so the business will continue to grow.

How To Open Car Wash Business In India In 2020 | Complete Guide

There is a lot of competition in the Car Wash Business In India but if you come up with new ideas and get into this business you can definitely succeed in this business in less time….

Types of car washing

  1. exterior cleaning – This involves cleaning the outside of the vehicle with water and then using shampoo to clean the outside of the vehicle. The front of the vehicle as well as the underside of the vehicle are cleaned using water
  2. Interior Cleaning – This includes cleaning the inside of the vehicle with the help of a vacuum cleaner. And then the interior is cleaned with different types of chemicals. There are many types. such as rooftop cleaning, foot mat cleaning, dashboard cleaning, wind shield cleaning etc..

There are two types of car cleaning you can do. You can clean the inside of the car or the outside of the car at the request of the customer and you can get the money from them at that rate.

Why start Car Wash Business In India ?

Low Investment – It does not require much investment to start a business. You can also start this business in less investment. And when you are successful, you can increase your business in a big way by investing.

Many people have to start their own business but due to less money, they are not able to start the business, but this is not the case in this business, here you can make your name in this business even by investing less money and earn good money.

How To Open Car Wash Business In India In 2020 | Complete Guide

Low Risk – There is very little risk of loss in this business, yet if you do this business with a friend or with any other partner, then your investment will also be divided and your risk will also be divided, so pick up the risks before starting any business. Only then you can become successful in that business.

Demand – There is still a lot of demand in this business and will continue to be the reason for this. As the number of people in India is increasing, the number of trains is also increasing.

And many people do not have time to wash their car or clean it and they can become your customers, so the future of this business will be bright even further.

Scope – If you talk about scope in this business, then in the next 5 to 10 years, you can hardly earn as much money as you would in any other business. Because further washing center is going to be fully automated.

There will be machinery for all things. Therefore, time will be saved and there will be no doubt that this business will be very fast. In the present time, how many vehicles are you seeing now, even more vehicles will remain with the people and even then people will not have time, so the picture of this business is going to change in the next 5 to 10 years.

Competition – There is no competition in business. There is no such business if you are doing your work honestly and apart from people, then stop thinking about competition. If you give some different service to those who are working in this business, then you will never have a lack of customer.

How to open Car Wash Business In India ?

It is important to know all the big and small things about a business before starting it. Also you learned about the Car Wash Business In India at the top. Now we will see how to start a Car Wash Business In India. What things are needed for that or what things are needed.

How To Open Car Wash Business In India In 2020 | Complete Guide

In this we will learn about Car Wash Business In India requirements such as investment, location, legal requirements. We will also learn how you can run a Car Wash Business In India in two ways. So let’s get started….

2 ways to start a Car Wash Business In India

  1. Door to door car wash
  2. car washing workshop

We will now take a closer look at these two types. In which we will understand in detail about the investment, location, staff, equipment and legal requirement required to run these two types.

  1. Door to door car wash

You may have some idea about this type from its name. In today’s world of automation you can only run your business if you make it easy for people. Because of that, I think this type is right for you. Because it saves you money but also saves the customer time. This new idea can definitely be beneficial for your business.

In this type you want to do your work by going to his house. You need to take the washing equipment with you and wash your car or vehicle at its place. It saves their time but you can also benefit from it as you can charge more as travel fee.

If your work is quality, the customer in front will not tell you not to pay more. That’s why you need to work honestly in this. If your work is good, then you can get a work next time.

Investment – If you think about investing in it, you can start this business with very little investment. This business can be started for Rupees 10,000-2000. All you have to do is invest in the equipment and you can handle it yourself from the office or even sitting at home.

Earnings – If you are going into this Car Wash Business In India by door to door method, you can get 400 to 500 rupees for one vehicle. And suppose you wash or clean 10-15 vehicles a day, you can earn Rupees 3,000 to Rupees 5,000 a day, leaving aside chemicals or other expenses. That is why it is a business that pays more in less investment.

Workers – Starting this business requires at least 2-3 workers because if 1 or 2 workers are going for washing then 1 worker needs to place the customer’s order to take his call. Therefore, if you are paying Rupees. 8000 / – per month to 1 worker, then you need to pay Rupees. 20,000-25,000 / – to 3 workers.

Employees need to have work experience so be sure to give them the right training while hiring them.

Location – If you want to do your job this way, you don’t need a location. You can also accept customer orders online from home. But if you want to do this business on a large scale, you can run your office in a strategic place.

It can be beneficial to have an office, such as in the main market or where there is a lot of traffic. But it is not necessary to have an office, so it is my personal opinion that you should first make a name for yourself in this business and then invest in the office.

  1. car washing workshop

There are two ways to start this business. Now we are going to learn about Car Washing Workshop. In this we will also learn about the investment, location, workers and earning required for this business. It is my personal opinion that a person who can invest more in this type of business should start this type of business.

Because in this you want to start your own workshop in which the customer will come to your workshop himself. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. So let’s learn about this in detail.

Investment – In this case, the investment needs to be more. In this you will have to spend to set up your workshop and also you will have to arrange water for the workshop. Also, this investment can go up to Rupees 1 lakh to Rupees 2 lakh by covering the worker and all other expenses.

Setting up a workshop and arranging water will be your one time investment. Because of that, if you run this business smoothly, you can make good money from it.

Location – In this case, the location of your workshop is going to play a very important role, so the location needs to be chosen with a lot of thought and study. If you have a workshop at a petrol pump, city starting point, main road or garage. So when choosing a location where more customers are likely to come to your workshop, choose the right place.

Earnings – If you think of earning in this way, you can easily earn 1 lakh – 2 lakh a month. But for that you need to get 20-30 orders a day. Putting aside all the expenses like equipment, chemical, light bill, you have 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh in your hands. Due to that, the income is good, but you have to maintain the quality of your work.

And you want to think about how to provide better service to the customer at a lower rate. In these businesses, the customer is your God, so your business will grow with them.

We have already covered both the types of these businesses. Now let us know the requirements for starting these two businesses. The washing equipment, legal requirements and cleaning chemicals required for this business are both the same. So let’s find out…

Equipment – As I said before, Car Wash Business In India doesn’t take much equipment but it does take some equipment. These equipment will not only save your time but also increase the quality of your work.

  1. Vacuum cleaner
  2. Hand scrubbing machine
  3. High pressure jet machine

Chemicals and cleaning solutions – Chemicals and cleaning solutions are essential for this Car Wash Business In India. You can use local brand or branded products as per your liking.

  1. Shampoo
  2. Body Polisher
  3. Dashboard Polisher
  4. car Tyre polisher

Legal Requirements – Licenses and documents are required to start any business. You need to have a trade license in this, you can get the information from the internet. If your business income is above Rupees 40 lakh, then GST is also required.

All these things need to be there to open a Car Wash Business In India. Therefore, this business should be started only after with all these things.

How to get customers and advertise about Car Wash Business In India?

Getting a customer is very important in this business. For that you need to promote your business. Only then will people get information about your business and you will get customers.

How To Open Car Wash Business In India In 2020 | Complete Guide

Banner / Poster – You want to put up banners in crowded places about your Car Wash Business In India. And in it you want to give information about special offers. That’s when customers will be attracted.

Pamphlet – You will also need to print pamphlets about your business and distribute them in your area. You can also distribute this pamphlet in people’s homes. And it has to provide information about special offers that will attract people.

Social media accounts about your business – You can create social media accounts about your Car Wash Business In India. Because people are more active on social media accounts these days, you can publish posts about your new offers or your businesses there. This will let people know about your business at home and also save you money and time.

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In this post we have given complete information about some of the essentials for opening a Car Wash Business In India such as investment, earning, staff, location etc. Based on this information, you can definitely open a Car Wash Business In India and succeed in it.

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