How To Make Photography Career India 2021 – Basic Guide

Hey guys! This thought must have come to your mind at some time or you may have wished to do photography. Many people do photography with a hobby, and some people want to make Photography Career India. Regardless of what you do with photography, it will be beneficial for both your income and career.

I will tell you how you can do Photography Career India, and what you need to learn to make your Photography Career India. How will be your future in photography, how much will be your income every month, I will tell you all this, that in this blog you will be told in full detail all the information about photography and how to make a Photography Career India.

How To Build Your Photography Career India 2021

So that you can make your successful Photography Career India. You all will know what photography is, but I explain it a little bit.

What is photography ?

This is a very big topic, yet I explain it to you in this short. You know when the first camera was made in 1816, its size was so large that it could not be carried everywhere. And at that time the camera did not even have that much function so that an image could be captured with its real pic.

How To Make Photography Career India 2021 - Basic Guide

Black and white photos were taken at that time. But gradually technology increased and today we have so many good cameras so that we can take a good photo of any real object.

We take a photo of what we like. Photography is a combination of two Greek words, photo and graph in which photo means light and graph means picture.

Meaning when light falls on any object, when it collides with that object, it falls into the lens or sensor of the camera, then a picture is made, it is called a photograph.

Any moment as i photograph I am talking about drawing in the camera, I am not talking about the hand made picture.

The picture that is made by hand is made in light and the picture that is made in the camera is made by light. You can express your feelings with photography.

People capture their photographs so that they can remember this moment after seeing that photo.

In a simple way, photography means capturing good moments, good memories in the camera and showing others or telling your feeling.

Understood? What is photography? Ok good let’s move next topic. Now I tell you what you have to do if you want to make your Photography Career India.

Take a course

In today’s time, to make a Photography Career India, you need to improve your skills even more. Because now new technology is coming, you need to know about them.

There are many institutes that teach digital photography. You would think that if I come to do photography then why should I waste money in the institute.

How To Make Photography Career India 2021 - Basic Guide

Think there will be many people like you who want to pursue a Photography Career India, then if they come to study from an institute, then they will have more knowledge than you and they will also have a certificate of photography, so people will like them more .

So get photography degree from a good institute and make your Photography Career India. Some institutes in India which have undergraduate diploma / degree in photography.

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad
  • Nation Institute of Design, Multiple Locations
  • National Institute of Photography, Mumbai
  • Delhi College of Photography, Delhi
  • Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai
  • Mass Communication Centre, Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi
  • Symbiosis School of Photography, Pune
  • Raghu Rai Centre of Photography, Gurgaon
  • Indian Institute of Digital Arts & Animation, Kolkata

These are undergraduate institute of photography.

Some institutes in India which have postgraduate diploma / degree in photography. So you can make your Photography Career India.

  • Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai
  • The Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation, Kolkata
  • Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad
  • Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT), Noida

Some schools and institute of photography in other countries:-

  • New York Institute of photography (NYIP) – Location: New York City
  • GOLDSMITHS University of London – Location: London
  • University of New Mexico (UNM) – Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico United States of America
  • Speos International Photo School, Paris and London – Location: paris and London
  • Instituto Europeo Di Design (IED) – Location: Rome, Italy, Madrid and Spain
  • Ryerson University – Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In any of these institutes, you can increase your skills by learning about photography. Which can make your Photography Career India more easily.

Note:- This list is not according to the ranking of institutions.

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understand basic of photography

This means that you have to pay more attention to the basic of the camera. When you study from an institute, you will be given complete information about the camera and then you can build your Photography Career India

If you come to know about it completely but do not know the basic of the camera, then you cannot become a good photographer.

Framing is most important in this. Whenever you learn photography, you must pay attention to framing.

A . Framing

While taking a photo, you have to keep in mind what object you want to focus on and what object is not, this is the framing. low angle, high angle, mid angle, close-up This also has to be taken care of. Framing is very important, because if your framing is not good then your photo will not be good.

  • low angle – The picture taken from below is called a low angle picture.
  • high angle -The picture taken from above is called high angle picture.
  • mid angle -The picture taken from the middle is called mid angle picture.
  • close-up – In a close-up photo, a very close picture of the object is click.

B . Shutter speed

You will also have to know about this well because you can take a picture like freezing action, blurring motion from it.


With this, you can increase the brightness of the photo even in low light, and you can reduce it in a place with more brightness.

By understanding these basic, you can add more reality to your picture.

choose a niche for yourself

This means choose a niche for yourself in which you will do photography. You can choose any niche, but we say that you can choose only one niche, it will benefit you a lot.

How To Make Photography Career India 2021 - Basic Guide

Because if you focus on a niche, then you can make yourself much better in it.

There are many niche, I will tell you all one by one and I will also tell you about how you can work and earn money and make a Photography Career India.

Type of photography

so many types of photography.

1. Portrait Photography

This is a very old and very popular photography. In this photo you take a photo of a person or people.

With the help of this photography, we try to show the feeling of the people. If we take the example of this photography, then we who take our selfie, or family photo, can also be called Portrait Photography.

Work – In this, you can take photos of people, people put their photo on social media nowadays, they also need good photographer, then you can click their photo.

There are many social media influencers, you can take a picture of them. Magazine shoot, famous personalities You can do photography for them. with this you can make yhour successful Photography Career India

2. wedding photography

You know that everyone gets a photo of the wedding day because that day is special for everyone. Whoever gets married, whether it is a boy or a girl, everyone calls photographers at the wedding because they want to keep them captive all the moments of their marriage.

You can divide it into two parts, first is pre wedding photography and second is wedding day photography.
In today’s time, pre wedding photo is very trend, in which you have to take the photo of the bride and groom before the wedding.
You are aware of the wedding day, to take photos on the wedding day.

Work – In this, you have to click the wedding photos of the people, the photo of the groom, the photo of the bride, the photo of the family, the picture of all this. All rituals and customs have to be photographed.

You can make your own team in it and give everyone a task which will make you easier and you can do photography in wedding more and more. and you can build your Photography Career India.

3. Food photography

With the help of food photography, photographers do beautiful photographs of food to people. Today’s generation food photos are taken to social media, but now it has become a trend.

You must have seen that there is such a good photo of food in the restaurant Manu, he is all click by the food photographer.

Work – You can do a lot of things by doing a food photography, you can click the photo for the magazine, you can take a photo of the food for the menu of the restaurant. Magazine, restaurant menu card, cookbook, advertisement, for these you can click the picture

4. sport photography

Sports photography is a very popular photo graph because it attracts a lot of very good photos which people like very much, so nowadays photographers want to be a support photographer.
Every day there is some sport somewhere so you will get good photo graphs in it.

Work – You can show your creative in sports photography and make your Photography Career India .You can click the exciting photo of the game of cricket so that people can look at it and get attracted towards it. cricket, football, table tennis etc. for all sport are there you can click them photograph.

  • Wildlife Photography
  • macro photography
  • event photography
  • fashion photography
  • newborn photography
  • street photography
  • landscape photography
  • Documentary Photography
  • stock photography
  • weather photography
  • Long Exposure Photography

These are the types of photography, I will tell you all about these in the next blog, I will tell you all the details of what is there, how to do it, what can be done.

Create your a Portfolio/ Blog/ Website

Making this is very important for every photographer. After making this, every photo you click should be put in it so that if a company likes your photo, then it can hire you for its photography too, this will give a lot of push to your Photography Career India

How To Make Photography Career India 2021 - Basic Guide

You can also make this blog, website and Portfolio yourself. You can make a blog and website from anyone or you can make it yourself, but to make portfolio, you have to learn. Fabrik, Folio, FolioHD, Portfoliobox, SmugMug,, 500px, Paulakluth, ASCD, 1X etc. From here you can make portfolio.

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which niche I choose

Many people must be wondering in which niche we should learn photography. There is also a good scope in every niche, so you must be getting confused.

So let me tell you that you do not run behind money and scope. You choose the same niche in which you have interest, you can enjoy and photograph it.

If you choose any niche and you do not feel like it, then you cannot become a good photographer.


I hope that I have cleared all your doubts. I told you all the things in it that you can make your Photography Career India. I also told you which is the niche in which you can do photography. and how to make successful Photography Career India.

Even after doing so much explain, if there is any confusion or question, then comment, our team will surely reply to you.

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