How To Invest Money in India For Short Term In 2020

“Invest” Yes you heard right, today we are going to tell you how to invest money in India for short term. all people in India keep their Wealth to buy property or keep it in a savings account. today we will show some ways that your money will increase even more. After reading this blog, you will learn how to invest your money. so let’s start……

how to invest money in India for short term

1.Start Early

Many people think that they will start personal finance after 25 years or 30 years. Friends, if you want to How To Invest Money in India For Short Term, then you should start from today. Learn about personal finance from today. Learn How To Invest Money in India For Short Term. Which option do you have?

How To Invest Money in India For Short Term In 2020

Mutual funds, FD, gold, real estate You should know all about these.

2.Habit Formation

How To Invest Money in India For Short Term then The first habit is that you should save 30% or 50% of your income. Invests it not in a savings account. Learn about low risk, high risk, medium risk, and invest that money in it. If you are very afraid of losing your money, then invest in low risk.

If you want to take more risk. If you want How To Invest Money in India For Short Term, then invests money in high risk. Friend, you will have to adjust the rest of your life.

  • Adjust your lifestyle
  • Live simply
  • Try saving 50% of your income

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3. Advantages of pre-marriage phase

Friends, there are two phases in everyone’s life. pre-marriage phase and post-marriage phase. You will have children after marriage. So you cannot invests more savings.

Only this option will remain with you.

  • Insurance
  • FDs/RDs
  • Gold
  • Saving
  • provident funds

The financial pressure is less on you before marriage.

So before marriage, you can get more profit by investing your money there after knowing about high risk.

  • Stocks
  • For example trading
  • Property
  • Venture capital
  • IPOs

These are all high risk high returning options. Do not invests all your money in it, but you can invests in all these once and see. You know 2020 and 2021 is the year of digital growth.

Before marriage, you should do research about your career. You should know the quality inside you and make a career in that field.

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4. Car-the biggest liability

Friends, there are two types of investments.

I. Assets

Assets are such things that your money will increase in purchase. Like flat, let’s say the price of flat is 5000 now, going forward, its value will be 10000, then it is assets.

II. Liability

Liability is something that reduces your income. Buying a car with your own money is a big mistake. I explain how it is a mistake .If you buy a car, then its price will be reduced after a few years.

If you buy a car, then you have to fill petrol in it, this also affects your income.

GyanGenix says that you should not buy until you get a car for 5% of your income.

Friends, now a lot of public transport is going on. We believe that buying a car for yourself as much as possible should be ignored.

If you want to buy a car, then the whole family should buy it together and petrol money should also be given to everyone so that there is no complete pressure on any one.

5. Find a great CA                 

Friends, you must have 2 or 3 CA friends in your life. Friends CA is a friend who tells you about taxes and property. Like we are telling but he will tell you in advance.

How To Invest Money in India For Short Term In 2020

You should consult your CA friends. You must make CA friends. If you do not have a CA friend, then you should go to the PMS for your investment.PMS means Portfolio Management Service.

These are the companies that handle the money of people, tell them about good investments and invests their money there.

But before going to these companies, you should do a complete research about them.

After taking complete information about them, one should go for investment in these companies But you cannot invests more than 1.5 million in these companies.

Let’s go to the next financial point.

6. NRID (Network research invests in different options)

Started meeting some smart people who have knowledge about finance. Learn about finance from them. Watch online video to learn about finance investment.

If you know about any finance, then get information about it online.

Do complete research about finance. One should not invests money anywhere without knowledge.

Watch online video and get information.

If you want a blog on another topic, then comment in the comment section below. And see you with a new topic

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