Essay On Importance Of Marathi Language In English 2023

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Essay On Importance Of Marathi Language in english | Importance Of Marathi Language essay in english in 100, 200 and 300 words

Essay On Importance Of Marathi Language in english in 100 words

Marathi Language Day is celebrated everywhere on the occasion of the birth of Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar alias Kusumagraj, a veteran Marathi language writer and Jnanpith award winner. Kusumagraj’s poems are still popular today. This day is celebrated on 27th February not only in Maharashtra but all over the world.

In celebration of this day, Marathi singing, playing, oratory competition, Marathi essay competition and classical music are organized. The Marathi language is given a direction by organizing plays. The Marathi language should be nurtured. Today’s new generation should be encouraged to read the history of Maharashtra, the history of Marathi, our literature. Only then will Marathi Rajbhasha Din be celebrated.

Essay On Importance Of Marathi Language in english in 200 words

Marathi Rajbhasha Din is celebrated on 26th February every year. This day is called as Marathi Language Day, Marathi Language Pride Day, Marathi Official Language Day, Marathi Language Day. The practice of celebrating this day on the occasion of the birthday of Jnanpith Award winner Marathi Sahitya V or Shirwadkar alias Kusumagraj started. Kusumagraj’s lines have become the pride of the Marathi people.

His birthday is celebrated as Marathi Day as Kusumagraj worked hard all his life to bring respect to the Marathi language. Marathi language has been prevalent since the ninth century and its origins are from Sanskrit. Marathi is the official language of both Maharashtra and Goa. According to the Marathi speaking population, Marathi is the third language in India and the fifteenth in the world. Sant Dnyaneshwar says that the sweetness of the Marathi language is more than nectar by writing “My Marathi is appreciated, fairy amritatehi paija jinke, aisi aksare rasike melvin”.

On the occasion of Marathi Language Day, essay competitions and oratory competitions are organized in schools and colleges. Also, Marathi Natake Kavya Sammelan and Marathi Sangeeta program is organized at the place. We should all make maximum use of Marathi language for the promotion of Marathi language. Only then will Marathi Rajbhasha Din be celebrated.

Essay 1 – Essay On Importance Of Marathi Language in english in 300 words

On the occasion of the birth of Jnanpith Award winner Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar alias Kusumagraj, World Marathi Language Day is celebrated everywhere on 26th February. , Kinara, Marathi Mati, Wadalvel are some of his published collections of poetry. Similarly, another Peshwa, Vij said to the earth, Natsamrat, Rajmukut are his famous plays.

Vaishnav, Janhvi, many novels like Kusumagraj on the edge of imagination and Kusumagraj presented the importance of Marathi language to the people. Marathi Day is celebrated under many names like Marathi Language Day, Marathi Official Language Day, Pride Day. Kusumagraj’s contribution to Marathi literature is indescribable. He started his literature with poetry. Later, the story was inspired by the famous Sahitya Rachna in the novel Lalit Vadmaya. The practice of celebrating Marathi Official Language Day started so that future generations can carry on this Marathi heritage. The heritage of our Marathi culture is very big.

Essay On Importance Of Marathi Language In English 2021

Marathi films, plays, poems, etc. have a great share in our Marathi soil. Due to many such things, we have been preserving this Marathi heritage till date. Many saints have passed away in our Marathi soil. Many saints of Saint Ramdas, Saint Dnyaneshwar, Saint Tukarama wrote hymns in Marathi and gave good message to the people. Even such saints made an impression of Marathi language on the people. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj defended Marathi culture and the Marathi language.

Not only this, many famous artists happened in this Marathi soil. Many gems like Gansamrajni Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar, Nana Patekar, Madhuri Dixit, First Lady President Pratibha Patil, social activist Anna Hazare, social reformer Baba Amte and great Marathi writer and playwright Pul Deshpande took place in Marathi soil. But people are forgetting this Marathi language. People are abandoning mysticism and adopting English. English is a need of the hour, of course.

For this, it is not appropriate to forget the Marathi language. A Marathi speaking man has gone to the corners of the world on the occasion of job-business higher education. Let’s go there and reveal other languages ​​like Hindi-English. Marathi language is being forgotten. We must respect the mysticism in which we were born and formed. It will be really meaningful to celebrate Marathi Day because of the things that we should all do to make maximum use of Marathi language and start from our home.

Essay 2 – Essay On Importance Of Marathi Language in english in 300 words

Such was the aspiration of the heroes of Maharashtra. Due to his continuous efforts, Marathi became the official language on the occasion of 1st May in 1960. But even today she is a stranger and a child in the capital of Maharashtra. The English speeches of the rulers who enslaved you for 150 years have cast a magical spell on the minds of the people of this independent state today. English became the language of administration in the British state and became an easy way to get a job. Even today, people enroll their children in English medium schools for the purpose of getting jobs and emigrating abroad. When these children of today studying in English medium schools become the citizens of tomorrow, they will not feel affection for Marathi language. These children will not be able to relish the classic music of Marathi.

These kids studying English medium schools will waste their free time in social media online games. Then how will they know the stories of Shivaji-Tanaji’s prowess? b. Md. How will he get acquainted with Purandare’s book? Amarendra Gadgil’s ‘mother’s gift’ will not be blessed. They will live on from Sane Guruji’s ‘good sweet things’ and beautiful letters. They will not understand the humor in Pul Deshpande’s writings. Keshavsut Engraj’s poems will not linger on his lips. The court of Marathi literature, which has a long ancient tradition, will gradually become empty.

Scholars who insist on English say that English is the language of knowledge. It is useful for business everywhere in the world. These churches want to say that you must learn the English language; But don’t sacrifice Marathi language for that. For that there is no need to learn all the education in English medium. In advanced countries like Japan, all education is done through their mother tongue. Today, its scientists and businessmen live in every corner of the world; But they do not stop anywhere.

Seeing all this, what is the future of Marathi in Maharashtra? The mind is disturbed by this thought. In order to perpetuate the pure, liquid form of Marathi, everyone should adopt the ” Karmayoga of Marathi” as stated by Datto Vaman Potdar. Everyone should insist that wherever I sign, it will be in pure Marathi. If two Marathi people come together, they should communicate in Marathi. Other speakers of our city should be introduced to this pure form of Marathi. There is no need to insult or insult other languages. Only Amrita would like to appeal to you never to think of your mother tongue, Marathi language, which won the bet.


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