Email Marketing India For Beginners 2020 | Ultimate Guide

Today I will give you complete information about email marketing india. What is email marketing india, how does it work. Will tell you everything about email marketing.

Many people think that email marketing india is spamming. But it is not a spamming, it is also a kind of business. A lot of people buy some emails by giving some money and send emails randomly without thinking that it is spamming that email marketing does not do.

How To Earn Money From Email Marketing

What’s email marketing

  • Sending multiple mails to a commercial message simultaneously.
  • Did someone buy the lead and started emailing it.
  • Emailing someone in bulk.
  • Emailing people for a promotional offer.
The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing 2020

All these are not called email marketing. Doing all this does not come in email marketing. e-mail marketing is a business.

Type of email marketing

There are 2 types of email marketing india.

1. Transactional e-mails

When you visit a website or ecommerce website, they are asked to subscribe by emailing them and when you subscribe, then you get updates, offers from them.
This is called transactional e-mails.

2. Direct e-mail

Whenever you buy a product from any ecommerce website, then you have to register by email, enter your contact number and after that you can buy the product.

Then your data reaches them, after that the email that you get, which has reduced the price of this product of mine. Such email is called direct email.
So there are only 2 types of email marketing india.

Use of email marketing india

Now you will wonder what email marketing india is done for. Many people do e-mail marketing to sell their product. If you have a website where you write a blog, make a YouTube video, provide a service or sell a product, you can do email marketing.

By email marketing india, you can increase your relationship with your audience.

If you are a blogger then you can increase traffic on your website through email marketing tools. email marketing india service is a very cheap way to grow your business.

Advantages of e-mail marketing

With email marketing india, you can talk directly to your customer about how you liked the product or service.

Customers can directly ask you their questions.

With email marketing india, you can reach your product to more people, that too at a very low price. You can advertise your product.

The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing 2020

If you are a blogger then you can update your new blog to the audience. Blogger greatly benefits from email marketing india software this increases traffic to your website. You can advertise your product for very little money.

Other people will know about your product and you will not have to pay extra. With email marketing india, you can grow your business a lot by investing very little money.

You can also do your affiliate program with the help of email marketing india, that means you can also sell your affiliate product.

You can tell the audience about your product, wherever it is. You can take your product feedback.

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Let me tell you 2 things.

  1. time, money – Even if you spend very little money, you will have to spend time. Think of one thing that you want people to buy your products, people can buy whatever you want to sell.

So you have to invest money yourself first. And if you want to sell your product without investing money, it is never going to happen, first you have to invest money yourself.

2. You get 40 times more return for every money you invest in email marketing india India. The more money you invest in email marketing, the more returns you will get.
If you think that you can earn money without investing money in email marketing india, then it will not happen that you have to invest money first, then you can earn money.

Think that since you have created your first email ID, it will still be running, even if your contact number has changed, your address will have changed, but your email ID is still there.

That thing is different that your company may have given you a different email ID or the college has given a different email ID, but you have a personal email ID, many people are always the same.

I will tell you about one term.

What Is Lead magnet ?

If you see it in two parts, it means that you give something to the people instead of which you take their lead. When you take the email of the audience and tell him something that you want to know about it, then subscribe to your email.

Now your work is not finished that you have got his email and now you will send mail to him. Whatever you said to the audience that you will get this thing, you will have to give it to him.

You cannot make anything by giving it such a knowledge that you have a good relation ship with the audience.

If the audience does not like what you have given, then they will not open the rest of the emails coming from you, or will not take any product or service from you.

To retain your leads, you have to give value to the audience and also provide good content.

Getting leads in this means that you take their email, contact number etc.

What can you give to people?

E-book:- You can give an Ebook to people, from which they learn a lot.

Video series:- you can provide video series in which you can give 7 ,8,9 whatever you want to provide the people.
You can send a video to people every day, so that people will open your email and you will have their data.

Survey:- You can survey people and know about them. There are many things that you can do from the survey that you should complete this survey.

Webinars:- you can invite the people in your webinars.

Affiliate product:- If you have an affiliate program of an ecommerce company, then you can sell its product.
You can give many more people according to your niche. You can provide Ebooks, videos to people in any field you know.

Think about what your business is, if it is not your business, then think about what your niche is, what can come to you well, you can provide all those things.

The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing 2020

This is your lead magnet, when the leads of the people will come to you. This is your first process, you can take the lead in more ways, you can say on WhatsApp, you can say on Facebook, you can say on Instagram.
Wherever people are spending their time you can speak to them there.

Now that you have all the leads, will you send them an email to each one, it will take you a lot of time to do this, for this you have to use Auto Responder.

What is auto responder ?

Auto Responder means that any email you get will be sent automatically, whatever you have already written.
Auto Responder makes sending your email very easy. If you do not have an auto responder, then you will have to send emails one by one.

And the email app has a limit of 100 emails. You cannot send more than 100 emails. If you want to grow your business, you will have to send thousands of emails in a day.

But in Auto Responder, you can send emails to as many people as you want at a time.

More and more people will get your product or service for that much less money. As long as your email list is low, you can use Email Responder for free.

When your email list will increase, then you will have to pay. There is a lot of auto responder in the market, you can use any one, first it will be free, after that you will have to pay its money as your email list will increase.

After all this, how much money you will get now.

USA Marketing says that the more emails you have, the more dollars you will get e.g if you have 20000 e-mail then you will get $20000 per month.

But in India you will get half dollar of your e-mail. E.g if you have 1000 e-mail then you will get $500.

When people get emails from other people, they think that from today onwards I can start selling my things.

This thinking is very wrong of you, you don’t have to do this at all. If you immediately ask people to buy your product, then why would they buy your product because they do not know you?

I will explain you one thing.

What IS Traffic temperature ?

In traffic temperature there are 3 types of audience.

  1. Cold
  2. Warm
  3. Hot

Cold:- This is an audience that does not know anything about you.
Warm:-This is the audience that watches your video, who likes to watch your video. know something about you.
Hot:-This is a customer who has already bought something from you.

The person who has just come to your email list is your cold customer. You do not have to sell anything to the cold customer. The best way to sell is when people will believe you.

You have to make your cold customer your warm customer.

How can you do this?
You can give them more eBooks. By giving them more value.

When your cold customer becomes a warm customer, then you have to sell your goods to them.

How can You generate revenue ?

You must have called the people by giving an Ebook of a particular niche, you have to sell the related product.

  1. You can sell a product.
  2. You can recommend any software.
  3. You can recommend the course to them.
  4. You can make your own course and sell them.
  5. You can ask them to review. You took money from someone that you will get so many reviews, you can send his email to the people for review them.
  6. You can send a link to affiliate.

These are all things from which you can generate revenue by mailing your email list.

Let me tell you, do not sell anything to people. Sell only the thing related to your niche. And just sell things to people who have tried themselves. Before selling anything, try using it yourself.

The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing 2020

Because then you can assure people that this product is good. And with this people will buy more of your products. When you start giving value to your customer, then you know that this thing is good for them.

Then you sell them that thing, then your revenue is generated. Never sell the wrong product, you will lose your email list.

You have done all this if people are not opening your email then. The most important thing is that people are opening the email you are sending and seeing it.

Until the audience does not open your email, there is no point in sending your email.

The most important thing to open your email is the subject line.

What Is Subject line ?

The subject line is written above the email we send. Here you are sending an email to a lot of people at once, so that email should have an individual name.
Whoever has the mail, the individual name should be in the subject line.

Whatever Auto Responder you use, it will have the feature that the individual name of the person who is matching you will come in the subject line.

With the help of this feature, you can send anyone’s name using the subject line.
Therefore, it is very important to have the name of the people in the subject line.

How can you write subject line?

Type 1:- Blinder

With such a subject line, people will not know what will be written in the email. Many other companies use blinder subject line to open their email. This will result in more clicks on your email.

If the audience liked the content in it, then every time they open your email and see what is inside it. By using the Blinder subject line, your chance of opening emails increases.
E.g. I have something for you Hey what are you doing

With such a subject line, people will not be able to judge what will happen inside. I just gave you an example, you have to put a similar blinder.

If you use such a subject line, then people will open your mail. This was the first type by which people would open your mail.

Type 2:- WITFM

WITFM stand for what is there for me. Think about why the audience will open the mail you send, what the audience will get from opening your mail.

What is there in your mail that will force the audience to open your mail. Mail should not be sent just for sending, so people open it so it is sent.
When the audience gets something for them, then they will open your mail.

Whatever mail you send to the audience, when they feel that I will get some benefit from seeing or reading this mail, then only they will open your mail or else they will stop opening your mail.

So clear this thing that what they are going to get in it, only then your click ratio will increase.

So also focus on WITRM . When the audience will be clear that after opening this mail I will get this benefit, then they will definitely open your mail.

This became another way to get your email open.

Type 3:- Re:

You can also send mail to people in such a way that people feel that they have received a reply that they had mailed earlier.

This is a very easy way to increase your business, so that more and more people will open your email.

You can use Re: in starting mail. You first write Re: After that write your subject line. People will also open your email and read it. Because they think they got replied.

This is also marketing strategy. So you can do it too.

Type 4:- video inside

You can write this in the subject line, video inside and a little information about the video. This will let people know that there is a video in this mail. People who watch your videos will open your mail and watch it.

You can have your mail opened this way too.

The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing 2020

You know that when you withdraw something from people, then people realize it. Those who do not open your mail, you can send mail to them that we are deleting you from our email list forever.

After getting this email, many people will open your email. And those who do not open your email, you have to delete your email list.

Let me tell you that you have to clean your email list every 2 to 3 months, which means that you do not open your emails, even after going to multiple emails, you have to delete those people from your email list.

You have to take special care of one thing that you have also written in the subject line, it is very important to write it in your email.

Whatever is written in the subject line, you must write the answer in the email. If you do not do this, then people will feel that it keeps sending anything, what is the benefit of opening my email to me.
So they will not open your email.

You can use another subject line, from which people will open your email.

Type 5:- Free

You can use free word in your subject line, by which people open your email. But on writing free word many times, our email reaches the spam category.

I tell you a strategy, whenever you use free word, you can put a comma in front of it. This will make that sentence in two parts.
With this, your email will not go into spam and people will open your email by looking at the free word.


In this, we have given you very clear information about email marketing india strategy. In which we told you what is email marketing india, how many types are there, what is lead magnets.

After reading this blog, you will get complete information of email marketing india. Give value to the audience, then they will take your product or service.

How much revenue do we get from email marketing india. Whatever I have told you in this blog, you have to take care of all those things and do email marketing india.

If you do not do as I said, then your email will go into spam. We told you that your email . How to open it in the phone of others.

Even after telling so much, if there is any question then comment. Our team will surely answer your question.

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