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cow essay in english | essay on cow in english in 100,300 and 500 words

essay on cow in english in 100 words

Cow is a useful animal. Cows come in many colors. The cow has two big eyes, two long horns and a long tail. There are many benefits of cow’s milk. It is easy to digest. Cow’s milk makes the body strong and strong. Cow’s milk is used to make ghee, cheese, butter, curd and sweets.

The calf of a cow grows up to become a bull and is used for plowing and farming. Dung is properly used for making manure. Cow is very useful for you. Cow is our mother. Cow is worshiped as Lakshmi, hence the cow is also called Gaumata.

essay on cow in english for class 1 in 300 words

Cow has been worshiped as a goddess in India since ancient times, the cow is considered the most sacred of all animals. Her milk is a very healthy and nutritious food. Cow is a pet animal. Cow is called cow in English. Also his screaming is called humility. She lives in a barn.

People in India worship cow as a mother in Hinduism. It is found in all parts of the world. Cow’s milk is good and digestible for newborn babies. It is also very nutritious for all. Cow is a very simple poor animal by nature. It has four legs, a long tail, two horns, two ears and a mouth. It has a large nose and head. The cow gives birth to a calf after twelve months.

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Cows give milk twice, some cows also give milk thrice a day according to their diet and capacity. Cow’s milk is used for worship and abhishek. Cows come in different sizes and colours. The cow is indigenous and crossbred and consumes cereals, green grass, fodder and other food items.

Curd, buttermilk, paneer, ghee, butter, sweets, mawa and many more are made from cow’s milk all over the world. Cow urine cures many diseases. There are many beautiful poems on cows. We all should recognize and respect the importance and need of cow in our life. Cow is also called Gomata, Dhanu. He should be given proper food and water on time.

Cow is the pillar of our healthy life. That’s why we place her in our lives as a mother. But today the existence of the cow and its offspring is in danger. Friends, if the bullocks work in the fields, the farmers benefit, but the country also saves one lakh liters of diesel per day.

The use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture has increased since the existence of gomate was threatened. These fertilizers have affected our diet and as a result our health is at risk. At present, everyone should pay attention to the fact that the number of indigenous cows is decreasing due to hybrid cows.

cow essay in english in 500 words

Animals are an important part of nature. We see many types of animals around us. Every creature of nature is useful for nature and man. Similarly, the cow is an important animal in nature. In Indian Hindu culture, cow is considered as the form of mother. It is said that the smell of all the gods comes from the stomach of the cow. Hence the cow is worshiped as a deity. Cow is also called Dhenu, Go, Gomata.

Cow Essay In English 2021 | Essay On Cow In English

Cow is very quiet poor animal by nature. The body of a cow consists of four legs, a long tail, two ears, two horns, a nose, a mouth and a head. Cow gives milk twice in the morning and evening. Some cows give milk thrice a day according to their diet and capacity. Cows are found in different colors like white, black, brown in different parts of the world.

The cow gives birth to a small calf after twelve months. Cow is a herbivorous animal that consumes green grass, fodder, grains and other food items. Cow’s milk is considered healthy and nutritious. Some people drink cow’s milk daily to maintain good health. Newborn babies are fed cow’s milk as it is healthy and easy to digest. Cow’s milk is used to make various products like curd, buttermilk, butter, sweets, paneer, ghee.

Cow’s milk is used for the consecration of the puja. Cow dung and cow urine are also considered sacred. Cow dung is used for worship in Hinduism. And cow urine is used as a curative medicine for various diseases. Thus cow is very important in our life. It is as important in our daily life as it is religiously. We need to recognize and respect its importance in our lives.

It is your responsibility to protect and feed the cows around you. For 1947 we had 33 crores, today our numbers have increased but our livestock is decreasing. Today money is being wasted to save the tiger. But his mouth is closed when he stands in front to protect the cow. But still we have to stand to save the cow, we have to explain to the society about the greatness of the cow.

Today, to buy cow urine in the market, one has to pay 80 rupees per liter. Cow has many medicinal properties. All these qualities are one deity. We see various deities in the cow and this is the manifestation of medicinal properties in it.

Cow’s milk, dung, urine are useful for all minor diseases and also for major diseases. According to Indian scriptures, Lakshmi resides in cow towns, which means that the farmer uses cow dung for farming, making the crop completely pure and nutritious. Cow dung is not dirt but destroyer of dirt. In the olden days, people used cow dung to clean their walls and houses and this would destroy the disease-causing germs in the house.

The work of protecting them should be done by the politicians but it is up to the spiritual people. Today we really need a mother. Everyone should do what God has done, but not everyone can do it in this age of competition. But those who have time say that if they only understand the work of God, they will not be able to be as rich, virtuous and strong as God.


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