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corruption essay in english | corruption in india essay in english in 100,300 and 500 words

essay on corruption free india in english in 100 words

Corruption literally means corrupt practices. Corruption is the act which is done for selfishness keeping in mind the moral values ​​of the society. Corruption is spreading like plague all over the country. Like Dima, it is slowly destroying the whole country. Corruption is rampant all over India. Instead of moving forward on the path of truth, people resort to corrupt policies. For example, if an office needs a promotion or a job, they bribe them to do their job. It is against the judicial system.

The irony is that if such people are caught taking or giving bribe, then they are also exempted from giving bribe. Most of the politicians of the country are responsible for corruption. But the truth is that the common citizens of the country are also participants in various forms of corruption. Our India will not be free from corruption unless every person in India has this tendency that I will not misbehave.

essay on corruption free india in english in 300 words

No one can say how and where corruption started but it is true that as money started coming to man, man got attracted towards luxury and ostentation. In the past, when a man did not have much money, his daily needs were important to him. His only wish was that he should get enough food and other necessities for two hours.

That’s why in the past most people wanted to say hardworking and pure. As improvements were made and luxuries became available, they began to feel the need, even when there was no need. Corruption is the root cause of people’s greed.

Today corruption is increasing in every field in India. Black corruption – deliberately increasing the price of goods, money laundering by doing wrong in the field of medicine, doing everything for one’s selfishness, selling money, cheap and expensive anything, rigging in elections, tax evasion, blackmailing, cheating in exams, Evaluation of wrong candidates, weekly recovery, fraudulent decisions by judges, distribution of money and liquor for votes, printing reports with money are all corrupt practices.

And it is increasing day by day in India and other countries. Today India ranks 94th in the world in terms of corruption. Corruption has taken root in India so much that the mindset of the people has become of giving and taking bribe. Taking and giving bribe is an offense under the law. The example of corruption was seen in the recent corona epidemic. Where the whole world was in panic from Corona. At the same time, the medical field attached itself to it. He took arbitrary fees, reported wrong corona. During the coronavirus, corruption has further expanded its scope.

Due to corruption – When a person suffers from deprivation, he is compelled to commit corruption because of inequality, financial, social prestige, even prestige. Man wants to succeed quickly, greedy and want to earn more money, lack of strict laws.

Measures to stop corruption – Unless this crime is punished severely, this disease will eat the whole country like a termite. People need to inculcate integrity in themselves, pass on the benefits of good conduct to the next generation.

Anti-Corruption Day – International Day for Prevention of Bribery is observed on 9th December to spread awareness among people against corruption across the world. On 31 October 2003, the United Nations General Assembly declared International Day for the Prevention of Bribery.

Corruption is the biggest attack on our moral values. People indulging in corruption are blind to their interests and are defaming the country. That’s why it is so important that we kill the poisonous snake of corruption and to realize the dream of corruption free India, the government also has to take effective steps to eradicate corruption.

corruption essay in english in 500 words

India is moving towards becoming a developed nation day by day. But there are many serious problems in our society even today. Increasing population, unemployment as well as corruption is a serious problem in front of our country. Corruption is rampant from government constables to big political leaders. Today in India, if you want to do some big or small work, then you have to give some tea to the person in front of you. nobody cares. But unknowingly we encourage corruption.

Corruption Essay In English 2021 | Corruption In India Essay In English

The motive behind corruption is to misuse your position and make maximum profit with minimum effort. But the common man is as guilty as the bribe-seeker. When a common man gives a bribe, the person in front takes a bribe, how easily we commit crimes without knowing it.

How many times do we see the police caught on the nose that everyone goes to the place of government job with fifty one hundred rupees in the hands of the police while bribes of lakhs are given. Who gets paid for college admission in school. Not only this, we also give money in the line of God. Why? Other devotees are staring at the sun for darshan of the Lord and we just go ahead and do darshan on the strength of money. Is this acceptable to God? Does it fit your mind?

How often do people get jobs or high positions by paying others? In elections, votes are bought by distributing money to the voters and then when such people get the rights, then these people recover the money distributed many times. We don’t know in advance that we have to pay them for everything we do. Those who are selected to do good work are not serving the society selflessly. We choose someone blindly and then take the name of the system in India.

But not admitting your mistake, I saw a short film a few days back in which a corrupt official was there. Those who take money and get children admitted in medical colleges, so children with good intelligence cannot come forward. On the contrary, children with weak intellect get access to medicine on the strength of money.

Later these children pass away by stealing money and buying paper. After some time the son of that officer falls ill and wants to operate. He takes the child to the hospital, where he gets paid to become a doctor. What will this operation do on your child? So he goes somewhere else but the same situation is there also. He goes to the hospital where there are doctors who are made on the basis of money, he realizes his mistake but now the time has passed.

We all need to understand that progress should come from hard work rather than corruption. It will work even if it is a bit difficult, but you have not done your job by paying money. May be we all agree with this but we are unknowingly corrupting and when others pay us more than us, we are blowing conch shell in their name.

Sometimes it happens that we work for money and because of this attitude even a good officer is tempted to earn money in easy way then that person does not work easily for any poor person because he doesn’t get any profit. Does not happen. What a loss to the poor. But we don’t think about this corruption. Get the job done quickly. We have a tendency to take little money but do the work.

Until every citizen of this country will not fulfill his social responsibility. If you want your India to progress today, then take a resolution from today itself. No matter how much I suffer, no matter how long the work takes, I will not be corrupt and will not allow others to do the same.


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