5 Career Planning And Development Advice To Successful in life

career planning and development – An important word in every man’s life. But how to choose a successful and perfect career? Today we are going to talk on this topic. Read those points and apply them in your life so let’s start

5 Best Steps For career planning and development

5 Career Planning And Development Advice To Successful in life

1. Self Identification

You should keep your focus on long term happiness. Maximum people nowadays are unhappy with their jobs. They are not interested in the job they are doing and then too they are doing that job and are getting bored.

Because of this self identification is important.

First step for self identification is:

 9 Types Of Intelligence

This is the theory of an American psychologist Howard Gardner known as 9 types of intelligence theory.and this theory helps you in Career Planning And Development. According to him, we are just taught mathematics, history or language subjects in school and our exams are based on those things only.

But Howard Gardner says that actually there are 9 types of intelligence. We should first decide that which intelligence is more inside us.

  1. Inter Personal Intelligence
    • Inter personal intelligence which means knowing other people very well. Suppose if someone says something and you are able to recognize his or her feelings then you have good inter personal intelligence.
    • And if you have good inter personal intelligence then your career is in business. You can become a good businessman or businesswoman
  2. Logical Mathematical Intelligence
    • If you are good in mathematics means if you can solve your mathematics problems easily then you have logical mathematical intelligence.
    • If you have logical mathematical intelligence then you should have your Career Planning And Development in coding of engineering.
  3. Visual spatial Intelligence
    • If you are good in physics that means your visual spatial intelligence is very high. Your careers are in architecture or product design.
  4. Musical Intelligence
    • To understand and create music means you have musical intelligence. Obviously you have a career in music.
  5. Linguistic Intelligence
    • If you are good in explaining your feelings in words by writing then you have linguistic intelligence. And people who have linguistic intelligence are the best authors or content writers. People having linguistic intelligence can explain their ideas through social media in a better way.
  6. Body kinesthetic Intelligence
    • The people who have very high level or sporty kind of energy are having body kinesthetic intelligence. They have very high level of control over their body. So for them the best Career Planning And Development are sports and army.
  7. Intra Personal Intelligence
    • The people who know their own mind very well are having intra personal intelligence. When you have high self awareness and if you can know your own mindset then it means that you can easily know other people’s mindset. You can help them. Jobs related to this intelligence are health coach, psychologists and personal coach.
  8. Naturalistic Intelligence
    • Some people can easily spot some insects, animals and birds from far away are having naturalistic intelligence. Jobs related for people having naturalistic intelligence are biologists and wildlife conservation list.
  9. Existential Intelligence
    • A person having existential intelligence is very wise person. Existential intelligence means to know what are we doing in life, why am I alive, what is the meaning of this universe and what is the meaning of my life? If you know all these answers then you are having existential intelligence.

2. Choosing Idols

If you try to keep a look at your friend circle, your family circle or else circle of your society then you will be able to know that you are having many Career Planning And Development opportunity in your all those circles.

Identify career opportunities in your life. Work in your relatives business, just tell them that you will work for free, then work there, learn everything and apply it in your life.

If you don’t want to work in their business then just ask them for help means tell them to share their knowledge about the real world. Ask them questions. This is call the power of asking.

The things you have learnt in school and college, that was just basic knowledge for your career. and it helps you in Career Planning And Development also. That basic knowledge will teach you English, mathematics and science, so that your brain should develop a little. After that your brain will develop after speaking to other people.

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3. Energy level

Just assume you met someone or else you did some new activity or else you did conversation with someone about something. After these 3 situations just see your energy level and the situation where you feel that you are having the best feeling means you are feeling the most energetic then do that thing which give you more energy.

Follow your high energy level as it will lead you to your dream career and it also important point of Career Planning And Development.

4. Find APT Internships

Do internships. Find internships. You should do internships whenever you have vacations. You should email people having new startup and tell them that you will work for free.internship helps you in career selection.

5 Career Planning And Development Advice To Successful in life

If you search then you will easily get internships. And after doing internships you will get to know about many different companies. You will get to know about your interest. You will get to know about which industry you are interested in to work.

5. Don’t Worry About Time

Many students, at the age of 16 or 18 feel that they don’t know their field of interest, they feel that what will they do in their life, so my answer is don’t worry. Just keeps in mind that you will find your career.

Don’t go in addictions like drugs, alcohol and parties. Use your free time in the best way. Travel with friends, enjoy with friends but keep in mind that your Career is important.Do not think about further time while doing career selection. Focus on your self growth. Don’t worry about career, don’t take tension about your career. You will find the best career for yourself.

Career Selection This is a very big part of your life. Your success depends on the career selection. . So while doing career selection, observe the above mentioned points thoroughly. Do not rush the career selection time. Make well thinking decisions.

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