Autobiography Of a River Essay In English 2023

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autobiography of river ganga in english in 100,300 and 500 words

Autobiography of a river in 150 words

Yes .I speak the river. The water in which you bathe. You worship me, I am the one in whose water you enjoy playing. An important element in our nature. Mother of our motherland. I was born in the foothills of the Himalayas. I have been very fickle and fickle since childhood. Sometimes I feel slow and sometimes I feel fast. But I am constantly flowing without stopping at one place. I keep running in the face of adversity.

Many things in nature like rocks, mountains, trees, shrubs, vines try to stop me. Sometimes Lapandav also plays with me. Yet I keep making my way forward. As I move forward, I meet many brothers and sisters. With them, we achieve our goals. The life of the entire creation on this earth depends on me. I go miles and miles and give my pure water to villages and cities. Nature’s animals quench their thirst by drinking my water.

The farmer who is known as the breadwinner of the world farms on my own water. Grows food-grains. Seeing all this, I sometimes get angry with the polluters. So I think I should take the form of rain and bring flood and wash away all the dirt but you call me mother. So I forget all the guilt with my mother’s love. I make a request to all of you not to pollute me. My water is for your use only. Your life depends on me. Keep me clean and let me flow through prosperity from village to village.

autobiography of a river essay in english in 300 words

Yes I speak river. Can you hear me? Then listen to my birth story. I could see the mountain in the distance. After taking many turns, I reached here by making my way through the rocks and ditches. From here on out I have been flowing for a long time. Along the way I met many small and big streams and my character became huge.

One such river is I. My path of flow is constantly changing, sometimes from a flat land, sometimes from a barrier, and sometimes from a height, so there is no way forward. My form is also changing from place to place. I have been flowing through different regions. People in different places know me by different names. Sometimes Bhima, sometimes Kara, sometimes Chandrabhaga, sometimes Krishna, sometimes Kaveri, sometimes Ganga are my many names. In every village the festival is worshiped with my devotion.

On the day of the village fair, OT is filled with mine and coconut flowers as my goddess. I am very happy then. You know the reason why I’m not feeling well these days. All the dirt in the village is released into my stream. Along with Nirmalya, you throw some dirty things like plastic bags, bottles, waste items into the water. At the same time chemical water from the factory near me is released into my container. It also contains glass. All of this polluted my water. Seeing all this makes the mind sad and sometimes angry.

When I get angry with you people who increase pollution, I think that you should wear it, bring it in the form of rain and wash away all the dirt. But you call me mother. Therefore, with mother’s love, I keep putting all your guilt in my stomach. I urge you to keep my water pure. Save water, be happy yourself and let me be happy too. Let me continue to flow from village to village with happiness.

Essay 1 : autobiography of a river essay in english in 500 words

During the summer holidays, all of us relatives went to visit North India. We visited Taj Mahal, Rishikesh and some other tourist places and then we all went to Gangotri. That’s how I was wandering on the banks of the Ganges. My mind was not stabilizing. The heart was pounding somewhere. Seeing my arbitrariness, a hockey came to my ears and I looked around. But as I did not see anyone, I started to move forward, realizing that I must have felt.

Autobiography Of a River Essay In English 2021

But then another call came to my ears. Why are you scared Don’t you know me How many times have you played in my role, I am happy, I am the mother of our land, the river Ganga. Have you forgotten my identity Wait a minute, listen to my story and then think. Spend your precious time with me. Understand my joys and sorrows. I was born on the highest peak of the Himalayas. As a child, I was very passionate. We used to flow from one place to another without stopping and looking back. He just kept running, making his way through the rocks and bushes. The vines along the way were trying to block my wind.

Playing Lapandav with me. But I kept running without finding anyone. I used to get many brothers and sisters. So my speed kept increasing. On the way from Kalsa to the foothills, I was facing many difficulties on the road and I was achieving my goal. Like a warrior, they would fight and move on. Later, however, it became difficult to walk because of the difficulty of farming on the flat road and overcoming many such obstacles. Facing them my invasion as well as your horses moving forward. But in all these journeys, my brothers and sisters supported me till the end and all the villages continued to feel my pure water by running miles and miles, quenching the thirst of all.

How many hectares of land on it filled their stomachs. All the fields looked green because of me. Cities and food are plentiful .I go through the villages and visit the temples in the village. At that time the people of the village worship me. When the coconuts burst, I was happy. But I’m not feeling well these days. My water is being polluted by the waste and plastic that you people throw into the water. Factory wastewater is discharged into my container so I get very contaminated. My health is deteriorating these things kids. The aquatic animals and plants that live in this aquifer are dying. Their lives are also in danger. People are making me dirty.

I am suffocating. Man is very proud of his intellect. So many projects like water purification are implemented but if they give clean water to all without using it, the aquatic life would be happy but they are polluting my character and water for the sake of making money. After Ganpati comes for immersion as well as other times Nirmalya leaves in my streams. And contaminate me. Some even wash vehicles in my container. In fact, you all consider me very holy.

But you are tarnishing my holy mind. They are removing sand and gravel from my container and making me dry. How will my and my companions’ trees be nurtured? But when will man know this? When will the injustice and oppression against us stop? Today man needs to be warned. So I am freeing my mind by telling you my story now. This new generation will probably find a way out of it and we can really live happily ever after. One of my struggles is for your new generation to learn something from this and take appropriate measures.

Essay 2 : autobiography of a river essay in english in 500 words

Hello everyone, do you recognize me? I am a river. My name is Sindhu River. The best thing is that I am the largest river in India. This is my autobiography and I know why I am writing this because I want to tell my importance. I don’t think everyone knows my importance.

I was born thousands of years ago in the Tibetan plateau around Mansarovar. I is one of the longest rivers in Asia. I not only go through India but also cover parts of China and Pakistan. I am the longest river in Pakistan. I am connected to the Arabian Sea.

Jhelum, Chandrabhaga, Iravati, Beas and Sutlej are my tributaries and Bhakra-Nangal Dam is also built on my back. Due to this dam, the farmers of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh have benefited a lot. My water level rises quite a bit during the rainy season but in the summer there is a terrible flood as the snow melts in the month of March.

I visit many places and never stay anywhere. I like to travel from one place to another. Rivers are incredibly useful to mankind but people do not respect us, they pollute us by throwing garbage and polythene bags, washing clothes. I serve everyone in turn and without any discrimination. I provide my water for agriculture, food preparation and quenching people’s thirst.

Many people pass by me and throw all their garbage into me from their litters. I hate them. People also come and boat on me and it makes them happy. Once there was a group of friends in a boat. They all started playing with each other, even a friend of a friend was afraid that they would push him into the river and accidentally fell into the river.

The boy started shouting “help-help” but none of his friends tried to save him. Then I saved his life with my waves and finally he survived. I did not like the behavior of that group of friends and I also hate this type of people. No people on this earth can live without water but if they waste it carelessly then one day they will have to hunt for water.

I am a natural resource but people pollute me by throwing waste in me without thinking about their future. Although they drain 75% of the Earth’s land surface, they play an important role in the water cycle and drainage systems. I help provide habitat and food for many living things and many plants grow only because of me.

Fish and other aquatic creatures live only inside me. I support the movement of goods and commerce through my journey. I is an important source of energy generation. I want people to stop polluting me.


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