About Us

Hello Friends , Welcome to GyanGenix.com. On this page you will find to read information about the aim of our website. And also all the details of the author and the founding point of view to create this website.

About GyanGenix.com

This is one of the best Blogs for free Tips, Tricks and guide about Business Ideas In India , Career Guidance , Career Opportunities and much more. This website post will help you in your career and business. Here you will find new and interesting business ideas and detail information to starting this business. Here are some career tips and tricks to help you succeed in your career.

Aim Of GyanGenix.com

The reason behind creating Gyangenix blogging website is that there are so many people in India and they want to succeed in their career but due to incomplete knowledge they are not able to do these things.  That’s why this blog is made for that people who want to be successful in their career.  Those people will get all the things they need for their career on this blog such as the important information  to start any business, the tips and tricks needed to build a career etc.

About Me

Hello friends.  I am Pritam Sansare . The founder of  gyangenix. I  live in Mumbai.  I am an B.Sc Computer Science by profession and a Blogger by Passion.  I want to help those people through my blog  who want to succeed in his career but it is not possible due to incomplete knowledge.  I write information about business and career on my blog.  And I will try to give better information to these people in the future.

Thanks for reading about us and good luck on your journey!